Tal Día Como Hoy en 1967


It’s May 8th. Quick: do you know what happened 47 years ago today?

(Reblogged from 2012)

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  1. OT but not so OT: quo vadis with Soto? I really miss the many times we could listen to this Pericles of Chavismo back in 2011. I wonder if officialdom thought we didn’t deserve his oratory or it had something to do with the way
    he sees the Primera Combatiente and her countess relatives now working for the National Assembly.

    I was particularly baffled to see Soto next to Róger Cordero Lara and tell the nation people like María Corina Machado, a teenager in the eighties, were “those who persecuted us”…the concept of Venezuelan qué-bolas definitely trumps the concept of chutzpah.

  2. “What’s beyond outrageous is the way the opposition tries to portray Cuba as interfering in Venezuela’s affairs,” she said. “Cuba has to be respected for its dignity, for the strength of their position confronting the U.S. blockade and aggression.”

    And who is the ‘she’ here? Why it’s the indefatigable Eva Golinger, of course…..

  3. And things like this stayed out of the basic education system, so venezuelans won’t ever know the truth about the commies.
    When this sickening regime is toppled, we have to include these to the history books, so it Venezuela won’t go by another decade of commie dictatorship again.

  4. How many lives and decades were wasted in Latin America in bloody and brutal, low level conflicts due to Cuba trying to spread Che’s vision of armed guerrilla struggle everywhere?

    Without those guerrillas, I don’t think we would have seen as many reactionary dictatorships.


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