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nadamasimportaThe Venezuelan government is finding subliminal war propaganda in DirecTV’s ads for the World Cup. Then again, chavismo has always had a thing against DirecTV.

Read the link – it is hilarious. As in “I’m-watching-someone-have-a-nervous-breakdown.and-it’s-hilarious.”

(HT: Bird man)

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  1. Your tax bolivars at work.

    (You know things are bad when you see something like this and your first reaction is “bueno, tá bien, que gasten la plata en el 15-y-último de estos panas y no en caerle a perdigonazos a la gente…”)

  2. Right by the definition of paranoia on a psychiatric book you will find this article right there. I can expected this published in Aporrea where proper mental functions are not a requirement to post but this is a Ministerio. Imagine the character who made this article and actually published, I hope he did during the night and he was the web page administrator.
    This goes hand to hand with Delcy’s cricugrama, I mean, this must be a diversion. I jus cant believe it is real…

    • It’s not paranoia, they are trained to do that. They keep the people ignorant about the world.
      I met a man in a carrito who was talking about how scientists only make stuff for money, and that the chinese are the best inventors because of necessity.And that he knew Chavez was crazy but he said some true things.

      To wich i replied to myself “Then you’re crazy as well mister.”

      You don’t understand, we all see the stuff they talk about like if they’re crazy. But you’ve never been the target audience.

  3. I beg to know: who was the Umberto Ecco of Maduro’s government? This level of semiotics is something I have only seen from Pérez Pirela.

    • whoever it was missed analyzing this: Todos los partidos en tu TV …
      I mean, the nerve of the opposition wanting inclusion of all parties at the Mesa de diálogo. And you wonder why diálogo isn’t going anywhere? Here’s proof!

  4. Well, would you rather Delcy was doing this nutjob take on the World Cup adverts, or actually doing something counterproductive to quality of life in Venezuela, like she normally does?

    I do think it is something of a giggle that it would be conceived as possible to stream the games with the bandwidth generally available in Venezuela. Maybe in 10.80P. A pixel for the ball, three for each player. Kind of like the World Cup brought to you by the Atari 2600.

    With all the crap going on, I am so very much not looking forward to our trip there next week.

  5. I found a subliminal message in the regime’s message on Youtube. The guy says “bizarro” when he meant “extraño”. Spanish “bizarro” means “courageous” in English. This bloke is clearly a mole, a guy who is screwing up the Spanish language with Anglicisms but he pretends to defend the ??????????.

  6. The text sounds like an example of good Dr Freud interpreting a patients chaotic dream whilst in a state of coaine induced rapture ,or it is a tribute to the incredible capacity of the human imagination for creating purportedly intelligible tales from wholecloth absurdities.

    One more sign that maybe there is something to the savage discourse explanation for Chavismos rise in todays Venezuela !!

  7. If I am the US government (and what makes you think I am not?) I won’t use subliminal hints in soccer ads to justify an invasion. Instead, I will put a secret agent in the Venezuelan government who will PRETEND to find subliminal messages in these ads, all the while placing subliminal messages in the very article denouncing the ads.

    Am I going to point out those subliminal messages? That’s what a less clever country would do. it would stymy my invasion, too! But check out the name of the author of that article. Then google the name. Then, add the meaningless phrase “loco a la cabeza”. You will start to connect the dots.

  8. No wonder the bleached attorney general was so incensed with the possibility of the US sanctioning targeted gvmnt officials that she threatened with returning the said sanctions on the gringos. They have absolutely lost touch with reality. It is very funny weird, NOT funny hahah :S

  9. What the… what… the… what? But… who the hell … I mean, who is the target of this bullshit? I dont know what is more frightening, that they spend time and money on this or that they think, or worse, know, that said bullshit works on some level and they get something out of it!


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