De Lima is Out of Cadena Capriles. (Owner Still In Closet)


David-de-LimaDavid de Lima, the cartoon-bad-guy political commissar sent to keep Cadena Capriles’s employees in line, is reportedly out of a job, after having taken a bull’s approach to china shop management in the newsroom over the couple of months he lasted at the helm.

No word on who is to replace him. And no word yet on who is to decide who is to replace him, either.

Because, let’s not forget: even though Venezuela has clear laws on who can and who can’t own a publishing business, the identity of the person/people who bought Cadena Capriles has never been disclosed. Amazingly, it hasn’t leaked reliably, either.

We just don’t know.

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  1. I had not known that Venezuelan law allowed for secret ownership of newspapers. Normally, in countries where ownership of the media is limited, ie. to citizens, a registry exists where ownership can be ascertained, and if required, challenged.

    Does the law make no mention of a Registry?

    • They passed a law mockingly called “Guillermo Zuloaga’s Law” where the regime listed a series of causes to forbid someone of owning a media-related-business, mostly to steal one single person’s property over a media group (To steal Nelson Mazherane’s property over Globovisión, the regime claimed that no one who had a banking business could have any property on mass media).

  2. Is there any form the opposition could formally ask someone who the owner is?
    I mean: couldn’t the MUD in a very public show and with proof of sending registered letter ask ???????? ?? ?????? ????????????? ??? ?????????? (Delcy Eloina Rodríguez Gómez) about this?
    Isn’t this required by law?
    I know there is no chance in heaven Delcy will answer, but: it has to be done. It has to become embarrassing, at least for the current janitor of the building.

    • My money is on the spat with Leocenis García, the latter apparently got the sponsorship of “El Pollo” Carvajal to get out of jail, and all this secrecy implies that whoever owns Cadena Capriles now is military or unable to go against the military faction of the regime. My money is also on the former, since internal military feuds on the regime are secret until the corpses with 10+ bullets on them are discovered.

    • This is what Bocaranda had to say:

      Una advertencia clave para sacarlo de @GrupoUNoticias fue su falta de gerencia,sectarismo exagerado y disminución de la venta del diario— Nelson Bocaranda S. (@NelsonBocaranda) May 19, 2014

      En el alto gobierno no salían del asombro de las loqueteras de David de Lima&sus ínfulas de burócrata rojo en lo que fue la CadenaCapriles— Nelson Bocaranda S. (@NelsonBocaranda) May 19, 2014


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