Luis Chataing is a popular late-night TV host and comedian. His show was usually light on politics – while Chataing was clearly pro-opposition, his was not an overly political broadcast. His interviews were usually with opposition politicians, but they were mostly light-hearted.

Today his show got cancelled. Chataing claims it was due to government pressure. The video above, showing him joking about the government’s preposterous claims of having “proof” that Maduro was a target of assassination, could have been the straw that broke the hegemon’s back. His cancellation is also the first time we see this in Televen, a private TV channel that had so far escaped the government’s wrath.

Regardles of your views on Chataing’s brand of comedy-slash-entertainment, Venezuelans woke up a little bit less free today.

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  1. You guys say Chataing’s TV show could’ve got cancelled due to that video. Former Globovision journalists say the cause was their recent invitation to his show. The hosts of Zurda Konducta cheerfully claim it happened to rid TV of “his childish brand of humor’. Reality is, anything goes to explain the cancellation.

    • Zurda Knoducta cheering that Chataing was censored because they found his humor childish…
      El tupé de estos panas…

      • The fine gents at ZK are basically paid to say outrageous things. They´re like the Rush Limbaughs of our TV programming, if Limbaugh promoted communism and was more tierruo than these guys.

    • according to tweets:

      Verónica Gómez Pino ‏@LaVeroGomez
      “La presión no fue de la familia Camero, dueños de Televen, a quienes quiero tanto, si no del gobierno”. Le dice Chataing a César Miguel.

  2. Also, this is NOT the first time we see this on Televen. Back in 2004, Cesar Miguel Rondon and Marta Colomina got the boot almost the same way as Chataing did. The only difference: at least they could say good-bye to their audiences.

  3. Why are all those who are good at making us laugh with their wits in the opposition , is there a regime comedian of note ?? I dont know of any , Does that tell us something about the mind of the regime’s followers or leaders. the latter you can laugh at but can never make us laugh . Sometimes Chavez tried using light humour but since his death there is no one in govt who makes any attempt at it.!!

    • because there’s nothing funny about magnicidios and devils and sulfur and mantuanos oligarchs, and exumation of remains. There’s nothing funny about the need to purify the environment against injectable cancer viruses by agents of the CIA, and the contribution of a few thousands to an NGO, and an opposition civilian who so threatened the stability of the nation’s psyche that he’s now rotting in a military prison, and laws of economics that simply won’t behave according to the needs of the revolution…

      I could go and on,

    • A sense of humor requieres a capacity of self-deprecation, Chavez could fake it since the man was obsessed with his image, but his ex-yes-men army only ooze hate for those that oppose them

  4. I read somewhere in the twittersphere of my cage that Televen was being bought by the same “mysterious group” behind UN or was it Globovision? Do ‘t remeber which minions of Hegemon Corp. so that could be the reason….

  5. Everything the regime does leaves open the bare possibility that there might be a legitimate reason for it. But as time goes on, even the most obtuse froggy in the warming totalitarian cauldron will notice that it is getting too hot for comfort. Surely, though, they aren’t raising the temperature on purpose! That would be so nasty of them!

  6. A feature of life under totalitarian regimes is the phenomenon of the inadvertent dissident. I hope he makes it big on Univision or something.

  7. Acknowledging Vanessa Davies’ sound comments is a step towards depolarization. You see, any chavista who regains their right to criticize the government should at least be respected. To be doing the opposite explains why it’s been raining hatred for 15 years.

  8. The guy was funny, indeed, but he obviously was playing with fire, as we all know….a matter of time as Chubeto says. Chataing’s dismissal is equivalent to having Jay Leno being dismissed because he poked fun at George Bush, something unthinkable a free country. Or having the Radio Rochela closed down because the rocheleros poked fun at Carlos Andres Perez: also unthinkable, back in the time when Venezuela was free.


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