Oswald walks

Yes. This is how Telesur decided to frame their story. This is the picture they chose.
Yes. This is how Telesur decided to frame their story. This is the picture they chose.

Imagine the scene at the Dallas Police Station, November 22nd, 1963. A man is captured in a movie theater and brought into custody, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. The President of the United States has been murdered a few miles away. Imagine then, in this parallel universe, the Dallas police department deciding that Oswald can go home. In spite of all the incriminating evidence, and in spite of the crime committed, Oswald goes home.

That is the scenario we have before us today. Because, you see, according to the government, Maria Corina Machado is a treasonous assassin. She is guilty of a murder that has never taken place, carried out with weapons such as “emails,” “speeches,” and “rhetoric.” The same types of weapons that Leopoldo López used.

But you see, in spite of all their huffing and puffing, the government does not believe the whole “assassination” story anyway. What they showed to day is that, deep down, they don’t have the guts to put Maria Corina Machado in prison. They have arraigned Diego Arria, but the person who supposedly wrote these “emails” saying they should “annihilate” Maduro – she gets to go home. Right.

Maybe they’ll do so in the future. Maybe, when we’re not looking, they will get rid of her. We pray this doesn’t happen.

In the meantime, the circus continues.

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  1. Arraigning only the “conspirators” that happen to be out of the country, pressuring Televen to cancel Chataing, announcing inflation numbers during a world cup game, waiting until 3am to rule on Leopoldo’s incarceration, these are the moves of a weak government. The kind of government that survives on terminal apathy.

    • Totally agreed. There’s nothing in common between a delusional government trying to make a crime of thought valid and an overt assassination such as John F. Kennedy’s.

      • The government claims they have proof that she has planned everything out. So why let her loose to pull the trigger??

      • Not so much.
        According to the nutjobs of the nomenklature, Machado is able to blow refineries with a thought (She was arrested and was framed on exploding Amuay all by herself)
        The goverment in their stupid lunacy wants to create an image of her that justifies ANYTHING that can happen to her later, even murder, remember that according to even-league thief Aisami said that Voluntad Popular members are “not human beings”, thus, anything is admissible against them, that includes, yes, killing them, that’s what they want to reach with EVERY person who doesn’t kneel to the regime, they want to allow straight out slaughtering two thirds of the country’s population because they’re “not human beings”
        Don’t forget, they might have let her go for now, but as Juan said, when we’re not looking, they’ll do something more drastic to her.

  2. See, the problem with going all in on a bluff is that you have to be at least relatively sure the other player isn’t going to call it:

    Winston Krone, un experto en cyberseguridad contratado por Pedro Burelli, afirmó que la compañía Google no tiene registro sobre tres de los cuatro correos electrónicos que supuestamente implicarían a Burelli con el presunto plan magnicida. En el caso del cuarto correo electrónico, el experto señaló que hay evidencia de que el Gobierno agregó texto a un correo que el acusado envió dos años antes. Burelli obtuvo una orden judicial en EEUU que obligaba a Google a liberar la data correspondiente a los correos que lo implicaban en el atentado. La compañía hizo pública la información la semana pasada.

    Now let’s see Jorge Rodriguez & Co. do what they do best: Fingir demencia.


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