The unsafe, expensive, and illegal adventures of Cheverito

The Venezuelan Ministry of Torism has just released the Adventures of Cheverito, a comic that revolves around an eco-friendly Venezuelan – Cheverito (how many meetings did it take to come up with that?) – who travels around the country alongside his trusted companion Eco.

After identifying the cost of Cheverito’s adventures in Venezuela – anything but cheap -, we sat down with @danielragua to take a long look at other kind of crazy things from the PDF version of the comic:

  • The artist that made the cover seems to be a fan of Pokémon. Intellectual property, anyone?


  •  What the hell is Eco? A Pokeball? Flubber?!


  •  Or maybe Eco is a long lost cousin of Wilson (from the movie “Cast Away“), and Cheverito is simply lonely?


  •  Knowing the cost of Cheverito’s adventure, he must be very rich. We dare ask: is he a friend of El Potro?

  •  Or maybe a friend of Dani Cabello, budding pop star and daughter of Diosdado?

  • By the way Cheverito talks, we think he comes from the 70’s. Who the hell says “¡Chévere cambur!” now days and thinks it’s cool? Can you say pavosaurio?



  • Also… Cheverito seems pretty relaxed when it comes to his personal safety. Maybe he thinks our high crime levels are a matter of perception? Or maybe he has a couple of bodyguards?

  • If Cheverito is so eco-friendly, why did he leave his cap at the top of Angel Falls?


When it comes to breaking the law, Cheverito says: “¡Chévere cambur!”

In other words, climbing up the side of the tepuys and jumping off is forbidden according to Venezuelan law. So… when it comes to breaking the law, Cheverito says: “¡Chévere cambur!”

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