Good news, everyone!


hotelsavoy.520.360The Ebola scare in Sabana Grande is probably just malaria.

So, y’know, normal.

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    • The corollary to this is that the young man in question, seeking divine help and being a devout believer in chavismo, will be whisked away to 4F where after an extensive night of prayer his symptoms will mysteriously disappear. El Santo y Comandante Presidente Eternal will have provided the cure, courtesy of a pajarito that spoke to the young man during his intense introspection.

      In an ironic turn, it will be announced by the government on twitter.

  1. I was frankly surprised to hear the Ministry of Health banning flights to Africa (are there any from Venezuela anyway?). The minister is eminently qualified in this area. You’d think he would know better about the risks and how this disease is spread and how it is controlled. But whatever, it is hard to be surprised or disappointed about anything anymore in this political context. They need cash and political support (one for the other, as well). Nothing else matters.

  2. Even if it gets here the official information will be that it didnt , that the news of its arrival to our shores is a falsefood concocted by reactionary opposition groups in cahoots with imperialist foreign media agencies to create alarm among the population . !! Everything the govt says is so predictable !!

    • Too endemic–spreading fast–would have to quarantine almost the entire population in Comunas–hey, let’s not give them ideas!!

  3. I’ve thought many times about how these people are going to deal with any disaster like an Ebola pandemic, a huge earthquake or any other major devastating event. We are truly doomed with the reds in charge, i can tell you this much, the first thing they’ll do is send the military out to kick some ass.
    There is nothing a few orders,tanks and yelling can’t solve.

    • I found it interesting that they sent samples off to the CDC in Atlanta. In spite of all the official rhetoric about the Evil Empire, the government still plays ball when a serious global threat crops up.

        • Or maybe non-news…
          I didn’t know about the CDC.And they don’t talk about the christmas gifts they give their kids either ( i doubt its wooden trucks and perinolas). They own the rights to the “Evil Empire” brand so they can do whatever they want with it, people love that product more than they love reality, or their future, they will still buy it.

  4. “En hijo de diplomático.”
    Es decir, que los chavistas HASTA el malparido ébola nos tiraron.
    “On a diplomat’s son.”
    That means, the chavistas brought EVEN the goddamn ebola upon us.

      • In fairness, they are fellow members of OPEC. I can see the need for an embassy. Now when the story broke about the murder and scandal regarding the ambassador in Kenya, then I was thinking WTF do they need representation there for?

  5. “Only malaria”.

    A demented mob attacked a clinic in Liberia that was treating Ebola cases; the mob yelled “No Ebola here, only malaria” as they smashed windows, drove out the patients, and stole everything portable including bedding.


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