Dime a quien no le defaulteas y te diré quien eres

Michael-Douglas-image-michael-douglas-36314420-1499-992Over on Project Syndicate, Ricardo Hausmann and Miguel Angel Santos have a fun riff on the state of the debate on whether Venezuela will go into default in the coming months.

Because, viéndolo bien, Venezuela is already in default with regard to a huge range of obligations. 

Cancer patients? Check. Food importers? Check. Car-makers, airlines, PDVSA suppliers? Check, check, check. Bolivar holders? You got it. People who wanna know the inflation rate? Yup. Anyone who owns a finger print? Um hm.

That’s pretty much everyone.

Well, not quite everyone.

The one hold-out?

Wall Street.

That’s more or less the one constituency Bolivarian Socialism is still upholding its commitments to.