Quick reminder to all non-revolutionary women

inamujerEsteemed Capitalist Pig,

A socialist greeting to you!

The following is to notify you that, even though the Central Government is now working on a new political framework to cope with violence against women – specially that inflicted by family members or partners – you, by virtue of being a dirty capitalist, imperialist and escuálida apátrida, do not qualify for said protection.

You are once again reminded that only those female comrades committed heart and soul to the revolutionary process will have their basic human rights recognized.

We also exhort our female comrades to not break the commandments of our Lord Chavez and fall into the temptation of the capitalist lifestyle, because that will result in the immediate termination of the recognition said rights.

We only serve Revolutionary Women. Do not insist … unless you want to end up like that lost woman Eva Hebert.

Good Day,

The Management.

Long Live Chavez. Capitalist swine need not apply.