Developing: Chavista legislator Robert Serra murdered


Last night Robert-Serra2Robert Serra, the silver-tongued chavista legislator and standard-bearer for the younger generation of the ruling PSUV party, was shot dead along with his partner in their heavily-guarded home in Central Caracas.

Details are scarce. We’ll post more as they become available.

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  1. “Heavily guarded home”, meaning, his own beloved people did it. Now we will hear how the CIA, the opposition, etc, did it. The regime was calling for union. To stay together. Meaning, the PSUV is divided and Mr Serra pissed someone off, on the opposite side.
    Aren’t there 400 and something cadavers at the morgue for this month? Well,Robert is just one of those.
    Caso cerrado!

      • -1
        Chavismo has proceeded precisely how Gabi Perez predicted: BBC News:

        Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has blamed “ultra-right” opposition groups in the country and in neighbouring Colombia for the murder of a governing party lawmaker….The murder of Mr Serra has created a rare show of political unity

        Recall what Gabi wrote:”The regime was calling for union.”
        Say no more.

        • Hold on, he can have an army, but saying heavily guarded home and then pointing to a link where nothing is said about how heavily guarded the house was is what I call dimwitted. You can rephrased it like “according to some local sources…” without any link etc…
          Another important thing, the woman killed was not his partner, Serra was openly gay. She might have been her assistant or housemaid.

          • Dude, if your house is located at a heavily guarded street, or quarter, then your house is obviously heavily guarded. (period) Serra lived in an area controlled by colectivos, and only authorized personnel would have been able to acess his home. This is what Bocaranda is saying, and he is a reliable source (at least to non-chavistas). Also, you don’t have to be incredibly witty to acknowledge that a Chavista diputado full of enemies would have his home guarded. Why was the house not guarded THAT night? That’s the one million dollar question.

          • I had never heard that he was openly gay, I assume since you (rightly) called out the author for making a claim that is not backed up with sources that you will provide some sort of evidence for this…

  2. Well I’m sure a thorough and impartial will fol…. ahahahahahaha. No seriously, I expect Leopoldo López, Álvaro Uribe or the CIA will be named as murderers by tomorrow.

  3. The diputada Blanca Eekhout said almost immediately after the news was released inTwitter that it was the “burguesía cobarde y asesina” that killed him.

    Lovely lady.

    For those outside Venezuela Robert Serra was one of the worst examples of Chavismo. He was photographed in the slum 23 de Enero with armed school children & on another occasion with an armed accomplice shooting at university students. He always had the most inane & stupid things to say. Although he supposedly was a graduated lawyer he was a hate filled & ignorant human being.

    • “it was the “burguesía cobarde y asesina” that killed him.”
      The chavistas’s hypocrisy is hilarious, they’re always whining about “not politizing stuff because that turns your argument into an useless shit”, stuff happens, and they’re the first to politize the stuff in the most stupid way possible.
      This is like Danilo Anderson and the corpse all over again…

  4. RIP Robert Serra.

    Although in the state of lawlessness and criminality we live in these days, his death shouldn’t come as a surprise. Anybody can be gunned down regardless of whether they’re rich or poor.

    At least his death won’t be just another statistic, since he was a chavista darling…

      • I can barely understand an academic supporting this government. But to the extent to which this guy does…is just incredible. How could it be intellectually honest to point fingers less than 24 hrs later?

        Does anyone personally know him? what could possibly explain half the crazy shit he says?

        • what could possibly explain half the crazy shit he says?

          It’s green, rectangular and thin, and has some old guy’s face painted across.

        • The answer to your questions is that Academia in the US is loaded with leftists, especially the “social sciences,” humanities, and the ___ studies departments. Advancing a leftist agenda trumps honesty for these people: every time.
          And regarding D’s assertion that money is the reason for their statements: in some cases this is the answer. Certainly Dr. Weisbrot/Whitebread is raking in some green stuff from all his academic pronunciamentos in favor of Chavismo. However, most leftist academics in the US who advocate on behalf of Chavismo do it gratis, out of what they feel is the “goodness of their hearts.”
          Here is admittedly an extreme example: Bill Ayers, then a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois/Chicago. You remember Bill Ayers, the Weatherman terrorist who with his wife Bernadine was one of the co-authors of Prairie Fire, a book which advocated Dictatorship of the Proletariat for the United States. Bill Ayers and Barack Obama also share a history.

          Here is Bill Ayers speaking in Venezuela in 2006:

          Viva Mission Sucre!
          Viva Presidente Chavez!
          Viva La Revolucion Bolivariana!
          Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

          Bill Ayers got involved in Venezuela when Chesa Boudin [as in Che South America] worked in Miraflores. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn raised Chesa from infancy when his parents were imprisoned for various terroristic activities. How did Chesa get to work in Miraflores? His revolutionary pedigree.

          Bill Ayers was an academic who advocated on behalf of Chavismo not for money, but out of ideological conviction. As the child of a wealthy utilities executive, Bill Ayers didn’t need to go begging to Hugo for some cash.

          • Bill lived a few blocks from Obama and helped him write Dreams of my Father…the lies in the book have been attributed to Bill. Obama no es pendejo y la relacion con Bill is downplayed. Megyn Kelly de Fox y su grupo saben esto pero no tocan el tema.

          • El grupo de Megyn saben de Bill, Chesa y la relacion con HCF. Chesa tenia oficina en Miraflores y Bill era VIP de Chavez.

          • US academics do tend to be leftist (what’s wrong with that?!) but I doubt very many support the Venezuelan government. He is the only US professor I’ve seen propagandizing for the regime.

          • Academics and leftists go hand in hand within the US because in academia, you deal with theory whereas in real life, you deal with the practical application of that theory. As one of my econ profs (and the lone moderate, or in his words “lone conservativish” in a department stocked with Marxists) used to say, “Marxists applying theory in the real world is a lot like fog on a sunny day; neither lasts terribly long.”

            Of course American academics get a great big intellectual chubby thinking about Venezuela. Its the one place where they can pretend the theories work while still being inconveniently far away to justify a research field trip.

          • I’m sorry, I should have clarified.

            Most teaching academics. I should have differentiated from the research oriented breed. There is generally a world of difference between the two.

          • 1.US academics do tend to be leftist (what’s wrong with that?!)
            For starters; Bill Ayers. When leftist US academics use their classrooms to push their political views on their students, that’s not right. There is fostered on US campuses an intolerance for views that do not correspond to the lefty narrative. That’s wrong, and it is related to the overwhelming leftist trends among the professoriate.

            2.He is the only US professor I’ve seen propagandizing for the regime.
            For starters, consider this eulogy from a NYT history professor in The Nation:

            Yes, the Venezuelan president could be a strongman. But he leaves behind what might be called the most democratic country in the Western Hemisphere..
            Chávez was a strongman. He packed the courts, hounded the corporate media, legislated by decree and pretty much did away with any effective system of institutional checks or balances. But I’ll be perverse and argue that the biggest problem Venezuela faced during his rule was not that Chávez was authoritarian but that he wasn’t authoritarian enough. It wasn’t too much control that was the problem but too little.

            Also file this under 1.

          • I’m a college student in the United States, from my own experience professors aren’t out to convert the masses of naive college students to their own political ideology. Students self-select classes and majors. In my economics classes the professors have been pro-free trade/markets (with proper objective/academic criticisms) and in my classes related to unions and labor relations (my major) the professors tend to be pro-union (but also highly critical and they still invite plenty of business leaders as guest speakers, for example). There is no large-scale leftist conspiracy… I also minor in Latin American Relations and no professor has ever expressed those levels of support for the regime. At most maybe a passing comment that Chavez ameliorated poverty for some or instituted las misiones. Side note: It is interesting to consider why certain professions are overwhelmingly to the left (education/journalism/scientists) appeal to certain liberals more than conservatives.

          • They’re just like the foreign intellectuals that publish VenezuelAnalysis. The only reason they like Chavez, Maduro & Co. it’s because of their tirades against the US’ foreign policy. So, for ideological reasons they support an incompetent government that in 15 years managed to sink us even further than the 40 years of the Fourth Republic (which was bad enough). I don’t see how they’re any more “moral” than the US, because they do EXACTLY what they accuse the US of: supporting foreign regimes that plunder their nations’ resources just because they are useful in for the US’ purposes. So why are these intellectuals any more “moral” or “enlightened”? at least the gringos laugh at themselves. It’s either that or these academics are exactly what Lenin defined as “useful idiots”.

          • Define “leftists.” Most American academics tend to be liberals, which is technically on the leftist side of the political spectrum but they’re not much different than right-wingers since they offer continuity. In Latin American and Middle Eastern departments, they have a tendency to be more anti-US empire and critical of American foreign policy, and rightfully so, but very few would I consider radicals. I mean, “Marxism” is still considered a dirty word in many circles (despite its slow growing resurgence).

        • I have friends who know George Ciccariello. He has very limited knowledge about Venezuela beyond what he has researched under the guidance of Venezuelan government-guided tours and visits, mostly in Caracas. He’s an intelligent academic, but he’s a fanatic and Venezuela offers him an exotic intellectual adventure.

          • Sounds like a narcisist to me, with nothing substantial to say, Venezuela can provide a nice little backdrop to stroke his narcisistic tendencies….

          • I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch with Professor Ciccariello-Maher earlier this year. Real cool and smart guy. Humble too.

            He’s a political theorist who later became interested in the Bolivarian Revolution. His book, “We Created Chávez,” is an indispensable resource on Venezuela. Brilliantly written and researched.

            However, I do find him to be too much of a fan and he often repeats, without hesitation, government talking points and their interpretation of events. Right here is a case-in-point: Uribe being behind this murder is completely an unsubstantiated claim.

          • Not to sound professorial, but doesn’t your paragraph 3 undermine your paragraph 2?

            It seems to me that someone who throws out a claim like that – in a tweet no less!- not only undermines his professional credibility, he undermines the very cause he has taken up. What is he teaching his students by doing this? Tweet first, ask questions later?

          • Canucklehead,

            Yes, agreed. How reflexive he is when commenting on events as they happen can definitely retroactively undermine the credibility of his book.This is unfortunate because there is a difference, in my opinion, between his book – which requires a lot of research and contemplation/analysis – and him responding to events in real time. (I hope I’m making this distinction clear). In his book, he makes no secret that he’s on the side of the “revolution,” but he didn’t sound like a government shill. But on twitter, he sounds like a government spokesman lol.

          • Instinctivepath,

            I too would probably not want to be judged solely on my comments on Caracas Chronicles, or whatever, but by the same token, I would not want to argue that person is unrelated to the person who shows up at the office every day, and I am careful not to lightly accuse real people of murder. Interesting point though.

            I’ve seen this professor comment in other media, like the New York Times, and when I read things like the following, I am really surprised, and not in a good way, by the contrast between this man’s account of the Venezuelan experience, and what I see and hear and experience first hand:


            I would probably give a professor like this more time than most people here, at first blush, but I read something like this article and I think: he’s just wrong, and he betrays his belief system, his profession, his movement or whatever, by being fundamentally wrong on the facts. He would not want me grading his paper.

          • Wao! That “professor” is a real tool. Seriously: I haven’t seen so many useful idiots for Chavismo at academic level on this side of the Ocean in the last year. What’s the matter with the US Americans?
            “Venezuelans are happier than ever” Where does he base that stupid statement on? On the poll about Venezuelans being happier – according to their statement – than others in many countries? (a poll which, by the way, did not exist in the nineties, before the military caste and the pseudo-socialist thugs took power)
            This guy is as mad as the maddest part of the gringo extreme right. He is so wrong! And he doesn’t seem to have a clue about “division of powers” and rule of law as absolute requisites for a democracy…not just the will of a suppossed majority of 50,6% (if those numbers are right, which they probably aren’t)

            Jesus Christ, seriously: let these people study Akkadian or nursing, street cleaning or quantum mechanics.
            Let’s the “political science” for the pub. This guy is anything but a scientist. He is a fraud and a tool.

          • I agree with Canuckle, he might be charming in person but what he spews is toxic and definitely does not point to “cool” “smart” or “humble.” A lot of people thought Chavez was charming too. He is definitely on my list of things that are wrong with the world. He is at best academically lazy and at worst a corrupt sociopath.

          • Oscar,

            I completely disagree. Unless you’ve taken courses with him and read most of his work, I’m not sure how you can conclude that he’s a lazy academic. I’ve read plenty of his academic articles and his book and, again, it’s quality work.

            But as I mentioned above (in response to Canuckle), he’s very reflexive on twitter, which is distasteful and off-putting. In other words, when there is breaking news, I do not go to him as a source. I rather go elsewhere (like Caracas Chronicles, for example) because he’s going to politically spin something in favor of the government.

            But if I want to know about the history of a specific as aspect of a social/grassroots movement in Venezuela, I have no qualms with consulting his work because – despite his biases – it is well-researched and analyzed. It is thoughtful and reflective, not impulsive and reflexive like his tweets.

          • I’d rather see a university spend more money on the study of the Sumerian language or yet another one on the Pueblo Indians than on these pseudo-scientific topics about Latin American politics. You can get a much better grasp about Venezuela’s recent history, its society, its politics, without doing the whole crap this guy was doing. I just read some comments about his book. Chávez was not the cause but the result as a discovery? He PROVED it? For Goodness sake: my aunt can prove it and she only did two years of primary school. I am sure she can prove it better than this sycophant of a military caudillo who is probably not able to understand the simplest economic analysis of the current situation or what others did who were in an initial situation like Chávez.

            A guy who cannot understand what oil does at 12 dollars a barrel or at 30 or at 60, a guy who bases his studies on the support of people with such a disdain for pluralism, for actual DEBATE, should not be a professor of a university but sell ice cream or become a janitor.

            And what did he say about the Caracazo? I guess he has written just the same crap Chavists told him to write, without questioning, without thinking.

            That Chávez was the result and not the cause of something is something most people know and a lot of them can explain why. This guy is selling his book where he, under his ideological constraints, tries to explains what 90% of people (at least outside Gringolandia) know.

      • I love how GCM became aware of this comment and immediately replied on Twitter basically stating that it’s OK for him to point his fingers like that because we’ll reject the results of the official investigation anyways (another unsubstantiated claim), and that it’s not possible to stay calm because a guy he likes was murdered.

        Hey, George, what about the people who’ve lost loved ones thanks to the ineptitude of the government you support, regarding public safety? Vete al carajo, yanqui pajúo.

  5. A lot of speculation going on… Better we wait for some actual facts. Even though hard facts may be hard to come by in this case.

  6. Everyone, can you help out? Find links of Mr. Serra’s most outrageous statements and let’s post them as addenda to the post.

    • Oh, good, been compiling some:

      First off, of course, is: “The insecurity is only a sensation”. Fitting epitaph if you ask me.

      Second, is this pic with Valentin Santana of La Piedrita “collective” aka a goverment-sponsored gang with those infamous pics of children with rifles, when the latter is a criminal “in run from the justice”.

      Third, is the phrase that he said about Monica Spears’s murder: “Who told her to go out there at night?”.

      • Third, is the phrase that he said about Monica Spears’s murder: “Who told her to go out there at night?”
        “Quién la manda a andar por ahí de noche”

        Could you document that? I have not been able to find documentation that supports his having said so. There is contrary indication from Noticiero Digital:

        Cita de Serra sobre Mónica Spear es falsa (al sol de hoy)

        ND / 2 oct 2014.- Desde anoche está circulando por las redes sociales una imagen del diputado Robert Serra en la Asamblea Nacional con una supuesta cita del diputado sobre el asesinato de Mónica Spear y su esposo, que dice: “Quién la manda a andar por ahí de noche”.

        Pues bien. Esta mañana nosotros hicimos una petición a los foristas de Noticiero Digital para que buscaran la fuente original de esa cita, fuera en video, en audio o en el texto de algún medio oficialista.

        ¿El resultado de la búsqueda? Nada, cero. Esto nos lleva a concluir, al menos al sol de hoy, que la cita es falsa.

        De hecho, tal y como nos lo han hecho saber algunos foristas, el diputado Serra sí dijo en Twiiter lo siguiente sobre el asesinato de Spear: “Lamentamos la muerte d Monica Spear y su esposo, enviamos condolencias a familiares, amigos y seguidores! La violencia es enemiga d todos…”

        Note the twitter about “Lamentamos la muerte “[we regret the death of Monica Spear..] At this stage, it appears that “Who told her to go out there at night?”/”Quién la manda a andar por ahí de noche” is an urban legend. It could be that Robert Serra twittered it, then deleted it.

        Can anyone document Robert Serra having said it?

    • – Referencing Monica Spear’s murder: “To me, someone who commits a crime like that is just as bad as someone who makes a political issue out of this.”
      – “The insecurity and crime rates are based on unfounded statistics.”
      -“The government has invested the most in our security. The government has believed the most in education as a way to reduce crime rates and the government has taken the appropriate measures in this matter.”
      – And my personal favorite: “If Commander Chavez orders me to be a seal, then I shall be a seal.”

  7. It’s when things like this happens that the closing of spaces for independent journalism really hurts. BOY could we use a Laura Weffer or a Tamoa Calzadilla to start asking questions, following up leads and poking holes in the official story about this murder.

    As it is, it’s already clear how this murder is going to be mythologized, obfuscated and left to gather barren suppositions and innuendos over the years.

    Sad. So sad.

    • Hey, it happened with the che before, then with Danilo Anderson, and then with the corpse, why not again?
      After all, commies and chavistas are getting more reliant in creating martyrs to get pity and support for them.

  8. apparently yesterday was Monica Spears’s birthday. the aporrea crowd is seeing a connection timing-wise and is seething with anger. keep an eye out for what is being said…they seem to be getting fed up with their own leadership and what they perceive as lack of diligence in pursuing the obvious culprits in this and other crimes.

    • Too bad for gonorrea trolls that the whole family of Ms. Spear is out of the country, they can’t blame them.
      The gonorreadores must be chocking in their own bile.

    • Yes, I actually celebrated his departure. I knew him because of those infamous pictures of poor children holding automatic rifles he was behind. This Caprilesque “let’s mourn his death” might be good PR; but every general knows that the best way to win a war is by putting down the enemy’s leaders. A leaderless army is a defeated army. If Chavez had been put to sleep in 1990, you would have a completely different Venezuela today. It may be politically incorrect to recognize that, but it’s the plain truth.

    • To use his words, Serra is simply “victimizing” himself through his death with the vain attempt to get political support. His being alive was a “provocation” to his murderers.

      • Well, after watching, I must say that I was impressed by the way he defended something that was non-defendable: how Maria Corina was treated at 23 de Enero. His logic is absurd, but inside that logic he was absolutely coherent. He reminds me of Chavez.

    • uuuffff. wonder if he softened some of those jagged edges since the video was made, presumably in 2011. You can perceive charisma, hatred and ‘lengua de oro’, combined signs pointing to mental instability, IMO

      • He’s always been an asshole like that, calling all the non-chavistas “condones usados” at every time he had for example.
        I remember the guy had his butt kicked some years ago for being a douchebag and trolling some people, he studied in an expensive private university if I recall correctly, the day after he got his face punched, he brought a dozen bodyguards everywhere he went.

        • NARCISSIST to the max with associated paranoia (proof of which are the commando-type armaments found in his home). Regarding his university studies, note the following tweet (courtesy retweet by Nagel):
          Elides J Rojas L ‏@ejrl
          Cuando Serra se graduó en la UCAB de abogado se negó a darle la mano al rector, padre Ugalde. Y le dijo: te quitaremos esta universidad

      • To summarize his rant: “MCM [the female assemblywoman who spoke before me] is hunting for sympathy … she was asked to leave a sports event at the 23 de Enero so as not to ‘politicize’ it … there are no exclusive sectors in this country … but there are poor neighbourhoods which have been ridiculed by the opposition that have been occupied permanently by the revolution and the opposition will never again make inroads there”

        Full of contradictions. The guy seethes resentment … angry sob.

        Would have made a good rapper – would have been sitting next to Tupac now …

  9. That guy was a slimmer, dark haired, beardless version of perico silva aka “el hojillero”, you might draw your conclusions of who wanted to give him the revolutionary love treatment here.

  10. Robert Serra may have been silver-tongued, but to this Gringo, he was not comprehensible. Hablaba Chino, as the phrase goes. I could understand Hugo Chavez, but Robert Serra was just too Caribe- too fast for me to comprehend.

    • Kepler, your point is well taken when a look at the map shows that Caracas is just as Caribe as Maracaibo. For that matter, Barinas de Hugo isn’t that far from the ocean. Not surprised to hear Robert Serra was Maracucho. Had I heard Robert Serra in person, I wouldn’t have been as lost- video is harder to understand. It’s also a matter of being out of practice. I could understand Marachucos when I lived there. Not that it was easy for me, mind you. Reminds me of the time I was walking through the Galleria mall in Houston and heard “verga..verga” from someone on a pay phone. I was tempted to go up to him and tell him, “Sos Maracucho, no?”

      • I would’ve said that guy “¿Con esa boquita le hablas a tu mamá?”
        Or, the infallible “¡Anda a lavarte esa jeta con jabón, bocasucia!”
        I understand and won’t mind a couple of bad words here and there, as they’re basically said with no more thought, but is annoying when somebody says ten bad words in every twelve-word phrase.

  11. I just read that ” La muerte fue dada por impactos de bala a la altura de la cabeza”‘ Havent seen anything that sys that he was tabbed. Also, his brother was apparently at the house at the time of the crime and was not murdred. So he’ll probably have a lot to ay about what happened.

    • “…better stay shut)”
      To quote some phrase I heard once: “Tell my story to those who want to hear, the good along with the bad, the rest is silence…”
      It’s not our fault that in this case the bad is like a gazillion times more than the good.

      Also, about your post, I guess the corpse gave up on all the efforts to claim the Esequibo back in exchange of political support from Guyana.

  12. One question: is it necessary to inflict 36 stab wounds to kill someone?

    Seriously, impunity breeds psychopaths.

    A guy who kills someone stabbing twice is a murderer. Another, who needs to satiate himself by stabbing 36 times is a bloody Hannibal Lecter.

  13. What strikes me at this point is that regime has not come out with a full-throated and hyperventilating denunciation of the usual suspects i.e. the gringos, the opposition, the escualidos etc. Aside from some tweets noted above, the official reaction seems quite muted and restrained by their standards. It is almost as if somebody has not yet given the official direction in which everybody has to march.

    • Probably becuase they realize that trying to convince anyone that an opposistion hit man got past all the bodyguards & collectivos to enter his house without any forcible entry would be a huge leap of credibility.

      This is an inside job. I bet the little A.. H… pissed off one of the malandros with his unbearable arrogance.

      • Well, if this is a mafia war within Chavismo, usually after the first hit, there is a counter-hit, so maybe we will have some indication soon whether this is just a one-time thing, or something bigger. The situation in Venezuela really lends itself to speculation. I see that Aporrea is on to the fascist plot so maybe I spoke too soon…

  14. I get that Serra was not the most lovable human being – but what does it say of a group of people when they rejoice on the suffering of their “enemy”? A horrible death for a young person. I mean, isn’t that what got us here in the first place? Those who after became Chavistas, hating so deeply those of “la cuarta” and continuing to hate once they got elected. Hate is all they are about, and that has divided our country, it has made it violent, it has made enemies out of brothers. Isn’t it time to just say, Hei, I am sorry this guy died the way he did, and I am sorry for the people who loved him. And that’s it, let the Chavistas mourn and just turn the page. Let it go. I don’t think that making a Eulogy of hatred does any good, to anyone.
    Maybe its just me, but I don’t want to hate.

    • Some people become a bit bitter after being treated like shit, harrassed, excluded, punched, kicked, stabbed, shot and mocked by 15 years.

    • No worries, Fabiana. Even if you don’t hate them, they hate you plenty. There is nothing you can do about it.

      Serra mocked the death of Monica Spear because “she was asking for it”. He made a career out of “asking for it”, and someone finally obliged him. Venezuela’s a better place without him in it.

  15. This is Danilo Anderson part 2. Both of them suffered trememdously (Danilo’s guts poured out from the blast under his seat) but I feel no sympathy.

  16. Question: how was the female partner killed? Maybe she killed him and then someone who stumbled upon the scene (like the brother) killed her. Serra certainly sounds like the type of person who would drive a woman to this.

  17. assuming he was upstairs and she was downstairs, how does a killer enter the house and do this? He kills who first? Was Serra asleep? He had to hear the commotion downstairs, wasn’t he armed? Assuming they killed him first, how did the killer get upstairs and the gf did not notice? This is AFU and based on the little info here, it sounds like the gf killed Serra. The amount of stabs does point to a battered woman. Serra probably abused that woman to the point of breakdown

    • That, or, is just easier to stab a corpse, after all, they might’ve been just headshot, then their corpses poked many times to make it appear as something else.
      There’s no information at all on the crime scene, nor in the autopsy, only crazy lies draining from that sewer hegemon corp, so anything the people can claim is true until they prove it otherwise.
      Some fat chivo ordered him killed, maybe to tie a loose end, maybe just to blame opposition with fabricated crimes.

      • Yeah…they rushed him through. I agree with the fat chivo. Remember the guy they killed three times…the actor? They tortured him suffocating w/bag and he died. Se les fue la Mano. They revived him only to kill him again during torture. they take body to far away motel and shoot him full of lead killing him for third time.

  18. Regarding George, I suspect that NA PSF SHiLLPROG was reactivated during Maduro’s visit (north America PSF shilling program). It was very active during Bernardo Alvarez. I saw George once on late nightTV Plugging book iirc.

  19. Serra apparently was really concerned about his security , The Interior Minister says that his in house video surveillance system was disconnected before the deed , now how many people own those things ? he was always accompanied by bodyguards , one of which had been misteriously killed about a year ago (mother of victim claiming his murderer was inside parlaiment) . This is a sign what he knew he was in a situation which made him fear for his life. Did he ever claim the oppo was gunning to kill him??

    Dont believe that for the oppo he was anyone special , just another big mouth in a chorus of big mouths , and yet the regime is making this great scandal accusing him of having been murdered as part of a henious oppo plot . It stands to reason that the regime would take this tac, one the murder was evidently a well planned one , not your ordinary murder so the suspicion is either on people inside the regime who wanted him out or on the oppo , of course the govt cannot publicly admit to the former so they have to make believe that its the latter . Second it comes in handy to create a huge scandal to distract people from the deepening crisis and rile up the stalawarts. !!

  20. Really seems very strange. If a chavista wanted to do this and to pin this killing on the opposition, why do it in his house, which by all accounts was well protected?

  21. I dont Think it has anything to do with politics. Its just the sort of things that happen in mafia wars, Casino style. He obviously pissed someone off in a deal that went wrong. Remember Danilo Anderson?

  22. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I heard last night about the brutal murder of Robert Serra and his wife.I was attending a meeting hosted by members of the Venezuelan Consulate here in Vancouver.I supports the Venezuelan gov. so I regularly attends meeting hosted by members of the Venezuelan Consulate.I wanted to send my condolence to family and friends of Robert Serra and his Wife.
    The People of Venezuela must be very angry over this assassination of Robert Serra.At the meeting that I attented last night a clip of Robert Serra speaking was shown.Im sure a lot of People supported him in Venezuela.Im sure that the People of Venezuela will not rest until the people responsible for this barbaric crime are caught and punished.People in all parts of the world supports Nicholas Maduro and his gov.Shame on the for supporting the opposition and encouraging them to assassinate members of the gov.and people who support the gov.The Gov. and People of Venezuela are fighting to end American imperialism and for a socialist gov. in Venezuela.Im sure they will succeed.

    • Stan, I am sure your heart is in the right place, but I encourage you to look beyond the information you get at meetings with the Venezuelan Consulate in Vancouver.

      The people of Venezuela suffer barbaric crimes every day with astonishing frequency, and brutal violence has become a fact of everyday life under this regime you support. Rather than look for solutions, they use these events for propaganda purposes and in doing so, make claims that are not supported by evidence, and will never be tested before a fair and independent court.

      The regime exists because of oil it sells to the USA and its capitalist friends. That is the underlying relationship between Bolivarian Socialism and what you call American imperialism. At the very root of the relationship is a basic contradiction between fact and rhetoric. Rather than fight a phoney propaganda war against imperialism and capitalism, the regime would do better to focus on effective solutions to problems like rampant crime and violence, massive corruption, enduring inequality on a huge scale, and a collapsing economy.

      You apparently heard an allegation that the “opposition” was responsible for the murder of Mr. Serra at a forum organized by the Venezuelan Consulate in Vancouver. This happened before Venezuela’s own attorney general, such that she is, has commented on the investigation’s findings to date, and before any charges have been laid. That in itself should tell you something about how the regime operates, and the reliability of such a claim.

      You would obviously not go to the US Consulate to find out about the realities of life south of our border, and I suggest that a lot more skepticism is called for with Venezuelan officials- a hell of a lot-, because their claims are not tested by a free press, independent courts, or robust civil society. What is a consulate doing commenting publicly on this matter, at this time? Does that not strike you as a complete misuse of the office, if not just completely strange?

      Should you go to Venezuela and find out how things actually are? I’d say no. Go somewhere where your good intentions and desire to help out will be put to good use, rather than used for propaganda purposes.

    • Stan as a Canadian I can’t believe what I’m reading.
      Did you not read any of the posts in this thread?

      The majority of Venezuelans didn’t support Robert Sera & don’t support Maduro today.

      You are obviously not a native Canadian. Certainly not an English speaking one unless your English indicates your intellectual or educational level.

      Are you originally from Eastern Europe?
      If so how can you support a return to policies that have utterly failed throughout history & are failing today in Venezuela. You obviously know nothing of Venezuela.

  23. At his point, the only fact known is that Sara is dead! Beyond that, everything else is concealed under a vale of totalitarian control. If there are more killings there will be more to learn from the patterns that emerge. There is two things that stands out, however. He was apparently attacked in a home that was secured, but the security was circumvented, and the violence was extreme. I would find that hard to explain, unless this was supposed to be a message. If there was a message in it, it could be aimed at a group of Chavistas, telling them that you can’t hide from us, and we are bad-assed bastards!

  24. O.T., but (I think) apropos:

    “A fanatic is a man who, when he’s lost sight of his purpose, redoubles his effort.”
    ― Poul Anderson

  25. Bullshit:

    ““Vamos a capturar y encarcelar a los autores materiales de este crimen, tengan la plena seguridad. Tengan el apellido que tengan, van a pagar por este crimen”, agregó Maduro.”


    “No tenemos ni puta idea quienes fueron los asesinos.”

  26. Robbery is now being (unofficially) advanced as the motive by the authorities. The Cicpc is requesting that the press not speculate inasmuch as the investigation is not complete and all facts are not known. Presumably, they have not yet determined the specifics of how the cat burglars sent from Miami by Uribe were able to communicate with Saleh in jail.


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