Robert Serra's safe was hidden behind a portrait of Chávez


SERRA CHAVEZHow perfect a detail is that? Sandra Guerrero has lots more where that came from over in El Nacional – all of it, I’m afraid, anonymously sourced.

Serra, it now appears, was killed during a robbery orchestrated by one of his bodyguards, a guy by the name of Edwin Torres, who he’d fought with weeks earlier.

The assemblyman was beaten, harshly, until he opened the safe he kept hidden beneath a portrait of the 2014 Venezuelan Culture Prize Laureate.

The gang Torres put together stole two assault rifles and some money from the safe. Then, for reasons that remain somewhat murky, they stabbed him.

His partner, María Herrera, witnessed Serra’s murder. So she had to die too.

Big props to El Nacional for staying on this story. It has to be lonely, being the last independent media outlet in the country. We really can’t thank Sandra Guerrero enough.


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  1. Sandra is one of the good ones, for years on the “sucesos” section she must have seen it all, and she still delivers. Good to see that despite the Hegemon Corp success we still manage to get gold nuggets of information.

    • Indeed

      Why is it that the most virulent anti-gringo/anti-capitalists end up more and more like Tony Montana? (Including the purchase of real estate in Miami…)

    • I though the AN approved a program where the owners of these, um, tools of the trade, were encouraged to exchange them for toys or something like that. Or am I thinking of Colombia…

  2. I really, really would hope that the MUD would demand an apology from those that went nuts just right after the murder blaming the opposition. Like that Blanca Eeckout.
    But of course, “apologizing” is so empire-like. They will never do that in a million years.

    • Step one: Threaten journalists with retaliation if they speak out of turn.
      Step two: Buy out all independent media
      Step three: Accuse journalists of “speculation” if they find their sources don’t want to speak on the record.


        • Of course it’s weak. You don’t show the validity of your concerns that Ms. Guerrero is somehow speculating.
          The journalistic investigation is moving forward by inches and thank God there is at least one. If you don’t get it, I think you’d better move on.

    • Anything the Red Ken Livingstone and George Galloway put the their name to, cannot be taken seriously by anyone with half a brain.

  3. Yes,the story makes sense.His assistant opened the door because she knew the person.
    Maduro and the rest showed once again that they are not real savvy politicos, saying anything that suits their fancy before they get the facts. When the CIA or Colombia really does something,they will have a difficult time convincing people.

  4. More to the story, although robbery was certainly part of it: Serra was stabbed 36 times, Odreman was shot 35 times soon after–sheer coincidence….

  5. I would suspect that El Nacional will be the next buyout target.

    There was an unsuported Twit early this morning that Televen has been sold for $25 million to a group that includes JVR,

    • TalCual independent daily has practically bitten the dust now. New mystery owners of Últimas Noticias have rescinded their printing contract with TC. Now their excess printing capacity will lie idle, not produce income and another independent voice will have been silenced.

        • Arturo, dear, when a certain media is said to be independent, it means that it’s free from government interference, the government having the largest economic and financial slice of the pie — always — some governments wanting to exert ever more control over public opinion, which as you should be able to deduce, is very much the case in today’s Venezuela. Hope that helps clarify your confusion.

          • Isn’t the so-called arturo the resident chavista troll that keeps posting bullshit to cash his “guerrilla comunicacional” paychecks?

          • el mesmo. He’s also a barometer. For when we comment on the worst of chavista stupidities, Arturo really goes into high gear to defend the regime. By his appearance on these boards, we know we’ve hit a nerve. Frankly, I’d be adrift if he were to completely ignore us 😉

  6. From the beginning, “inside job” was speculated in CC. No evidence of forced entry, alarm turned off. Etc. Even with the limited details available from several weeks ago, it was not difficult to conclude “inside job.” As was said later about an incident which may or may not be connected to the Robert Serra murders, “Las Matemáticas No Fallan.” Or as is often said in English, “Do the math.”

  7. How big have to be this safe box to store such kind of firearms? Any of the alleged stored weapons are very big in size …

    • Until he was murdered you, syd, knew NOTHING about Robert Serra,. Sociopath indeed. Look at your comments on CC over the years, look in the mirror, and then ask yourself who is a sociopath.

      • is that you or your reflection talking, Arturo? So sorry for your grief over the death of a fellow rojo-rojito, attracted to the limelight to showcase his resentment-fueled outrage to cloak his depravities. We agree. From testimony so far, Serra was a sociopath.
        By the way, how’s that fact-finding mission coming along which would accurately pin the blame on the CIA, Uribe, or whatever other inventions you rojo-rojitos use to cloak the real reason Serra was murdered? By the same token, any progress on the accusation that the cancer cells that killed your beloved Hugo were injected?

  8. Hired pen Patricia Poleo is on the right track. Regarding those orgies, cocaine and viagra play a major role IMO because they do here in the STATES! I doubt they have crystal meth down there but up here it’s very popular in these gay orgies because they stay hard all night.

  9. Yet another post mortem hatchet job by people who believe in anonymous sources.

    How can anyone listen to someone with a track record loke Patricia Poleo who likes marrying drug traffickers and rapists as well as being undersuspiscion for being one of the intelectual authors of Danilo’s assassination.

    Sounds almost like a rehash of the lies told about Danilo Anderson so as to somehow justify murder.

    • the red-draped delusions of some know no bounds. You forgot to add pedophile, Arturo. At least try that label to see if it sticks. You’ve tried everything else.


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