Robert Serra's safe was hidden behind a portrait of Chávez

SERRA CHAVEZHow perfect a detail is that? Sandra Guerrero has lots more where that came from over in El Nacional – all of it, I’m afraid, anonymously sourced.

Serra, it now appears, was killed during a robbery orchestrated by one of his bodyguards, a guy by the name of Edwin Torres, who he’d fought with weeks earlier.

The assemblyman was beaten, harshly, until he opened the safe he kept hidden beneath a portrait of the 2014 Venezuelan Culture Prize Laureate.

The gang Torres put together stole two assault rifles and some money from the safe. Then, for reasons that remain somewhat murky, they stabbed him.

His partner, María Herrera, witnessed Serra’s murder. So she had to die too.

Big props to El Nacional for staying on this story. It has to be lonely, being the last independent media outlet in the country. We really can’t thank Sandra Guerrero enough.