Ad wars: Stir up your memories


This brought back a lot of memories. Nicely done.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. A truly beautiful country. God was definitely inspired when he created this part of the world. However, it’s not a place for tourists to visit. To go to Los Roques one must now fly from Higuerote; which makes it a bit more difficult. If you go to Morrocoy (at least Chichiriviche) the first thing you’ll find is dirt roads filled with water and garbage. Then you have to deal with water and power failures, and I understand that Margarita is the same way — at least with power. If you rent a place in one of these two places for more than just a few days, you better bring all your supplies from home ….. if you can find them there. Then there’s the people that will not stop saying how much they love this country, but won’t think twice about leaving their garbage right on the beach …. and you have the loud music … and people drinking like there’s no tomorrow, with the expected consequences. Gosh, I sound bitter, don’t I?

  2. It only emphasizes the wasted opportunity after these 15 years of Chavismo.

    Anybody that sees this must be dying to come to Venezuela – that is until they realize they may actually die while they’re there…

  3. What a horrid video. It is disgustingly cheese, extremely long, absolutely unreal… The lady pointing at the sun, while the guy is looking at his wrist watch is just beyond ridiculous.

  4. All these tourism videos that are put out by the different tourism ministries throughout the world are always extremely cheesy. -Think “Malaysia Truly Asia” or “Inspiring India ”

    Take out the little story, cut the video into several ones- sport, relax, city, etc. – and I think it’s not bad – especially for the mediocrity Chavismo is known for.

    Of course it has little to do with reality.

  5. I’m also impressed it didn’t turn out to be cheesy or cliched. As far as showcasing our landscapes and beaches go, it’s a good video. Brings back good memories.
    Pero volvemos a lo mismo: No honest working Venezuelan can afford to do all those things shown in the video. Hell, it’d take some years of savings just to spend a few days in Los Roques.
    Not to mention what it will cost you in terms of theft or kidnappings if you’re silly enough to be dancing in any given beach after dark. Although the time doesn’t really matter anymore…Plenty of friends and relatives have been robbed at gun point in the public beaches near Pto. Azul in broad daylight.
    And Carolina’s video underscores the rest of the uncivilized behavior you’ll probably encounter at the beach. So yeah, Venezuela is a beautiful country inhabited by a lot of unpleasant, inconsiderate people. But that doesn’t make for a catchy tourism slogan.

  6. I have a question for horse connoisseurs: Isn’t getting so deep in moving waters very risky for the horses’ legs?
    I really don’t know anything about horses, but I have the feeling that forcing them to walk on soft, uneven surfaces and with water with water up to their chests could be risky.

  7. Experience as a former TV exec came handy to Izarra. It’s a great video.

    Was it Quico who lamented at Izarra’s lack of recognition within Chavismo as the guy who could actually deliver?


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