International week at Caracas Chronicles

CommAstageThis week, I will be traveling to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to participate in the 2014 Halifax International Security Forum. I’m honored to have been invited, particularly considering the quality of the guests and the interesting topics that will be covered.

Because of this, I figured a change of pace might be nice, so we’re doing “International Week” on the blog this week. This means that every day there will be at least one post with an international flavor, trying to explore Venezuela’s role in the world. Now that the revolution is no longer as popular and deep-pocketed as it once was, can we safely say chavismo is irrelevant in the international stage?

Hardly, and we will try to make the case why. Whether it is the pivotal role it plays in the final act of the Cuban tragedy, the importance of the drug trade in sustaining the regime, its approach to trade, the role played by Brazil, what we can expect from Venezuela’s sojourn at the UN Security Council, its dependency on new BFFs Russia and China, what it thinks about the fight against ISIS, or the rise of Podemos in Spain, Venezuela is no marginal player.

Shoot me some post ideas on the comments section if you’d like.