A break-in serves as a chilly reminder


keep-calm bloggingAlek Boyd is a fellow Venezuelan blogger who currently resides in London and edits the webpage Infodio, dedicated to unveiling many of the schemes involving a sub-class of chavistas known as the bolibourgeoisie.

Yesterday, Alek’s apartment was broken into, and his laptops were stolen. Nothing else was taken.

In a private email, Alek confirms that his accounts – web page, gmail, Twitter, etc. – have not been compromised. While the police investigates, they have told him that a cell phone presumably belonging to the burglars was left in the premises, that they have pictures of the burglars from security cameras, and that the phones contain several messages written in Spanish.

Alek has long been a thorn on the side of many of the revolution’s most notorious and powerful people – to the extent that his website is banned in Venezuela. And while it is too soon to pin blame on anyone in particular, this strange event is a reminder to all of us that blogging about Venezuela is never entirely danger-free.

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    • If we are going to use our imagination lets say that maybe the cell phone is a decoy, something left on purpose to misguide the investigation.

      • You are right Bill, that is a plausible scenario, tho’ I’ve now given some consideration to how far a cell phone could realistically go in misdirecting an investigator and I stick with my first instinct, which is that this is a recognizable combination of gross stupidity and malevolence at work, rather than just malevolence, which without the gross stupidity, could be just about anybody and does not particularly point to the Bolivarian Revolution.

  1. This is likely not the govts doing , they use Cuban methods which are cruder in execution and dont quite have the international reach that this robbery shows. this appears to be more a bolichico thing , young men brought up in US universities who are more sophisticated in attacking and persecuting those who call attention to their crimes , bolichicos who have the money and means to attempt something like this. a kind lf belatted watergate.

    • the bolichicos have hired incompetents before, but i thought they had learned their lesson. their current crop of lawyers, pr hands, etc are a bit more serious. so i would look more at the govt. but who knows. gotta keep an open mind, that’s for sure.

  2. Such a thorn in the side that one cannot access Infodio inside Venezuela if not through anonymous surfing. Click on the link just for fun.

  3. Hard to believe that they won’t be found, if they left a cell phone behind. Everyone they ever called can be interviewed, every website they ever visited, which cell phone tower they were nearest to when they made call X….

    The main thing is to get the cops to take it seriously. On the basis of what was taken, it could be a hostile intelligence agency operating inside Britain. They need to find out.

  4. Reminds me of what General Augusto Pinochet did to Orlando Letelier when the latter got on the former’s nerves.

    Juan, Francisco, you guys can consider yourselves lucky since Chavistas don’t understand a word of English 😉

    • Javier, what you talking about? They monitor this blog. Ever heard of Eva Golinger? She’s a high ranking chavista agent working for the Russians in new York. They understand the cutting edge better than us.

  5. My moral support to Alex and all of you bloggers, polititians, media, etc; and us citizens that keep a critical stance and are active for the best interest of the nation.

  6. From Nate Thayer: London based Journalist has children threatened for reporting on corrupt Venezuelan government/

    This week, they threatened to kill his children. This week, government agents broke into his house in London, where he lives in exile, stole his computers, and left pictures of his children as a warning.
    I sent him this message yesterday: “Alek: If you need anything, please make sure to let me know. I will do all in my power to make sure this does not go unnoticed. This is scandalous.”
    He responded: “Dear Nate: Thanks for the support, mate. Further to the break into my flat on Monday, this morning I found four printouts of recent photographs of my children and myself, presumably taken from quite a distance, going about our business in Central London. The printouts were left inside the pocket of one of my coats, in my bedroom. This new development leads me to believe that it weren’t the laptops they were after, that was just a bonus. I take those pictures as an open threat, to my children and myself. I take those pictures as a form of terrorism. The message is clear: whoever is behind this wants me to know that my family can be harmed at their wish….. I think I have a good idea of who is behind this. London’s Metropolitan Police has been informed.”

    This pretty much repeats the Infodio link that Marc provided, but the point is that news is getting out.

  7. this is a botched Sebin operation ordered by Rafael Ramirez or DIosdado. I’m hopeful that Metropolitan Police will get a break in the case. The three Sebin agents have probably split up and returned to Venezuela via Europe mainland. They could have immediately departed UK by air but rail and ferry too. There is a direct flight to Ccs from Madrid or any flight to Alba connector.


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