A break-in serves as a chilly reminder

keep-calm bloggingAlek Boyd is a fellow Venezuelan blogger who currently resides in London and edits the webpage Infodio, dedicated to unveiling many of the schemes involving a sub-class of chavistas known as the bolibourgeoisie.

Yesterday, Alek’s apartment was broken into, and his laptops were stolen. Nothing else was taken.

In a private email, Alek confirms that his accounts – web page, gmail, Twitter, etc. – have not been compromised. While the police investigates, they have told him that a cell phone presumably belonging to the burglars was left in the premises, that they have pictures of the burglars from security cameras, and that the phones contain several messages written in Spanish.

Alek has long been a thorn on the side of many of the revolution’s most notorious and powerful people – to the extent that his website is banned in Venezuela. And while it is too soon to pin blame on anyone in particular, this strange event is a reminder to all of us that blogging about Venezuela is never entirely danger-free.