Coup = toucan's saliva

No longer frenemies, but hostages.
No longer frenemies, but hostages.

There’s an expression in Venezuela: when something has been put together in a flimsy, temporary way, we say it is “glued with a parrot’s saliva.”

In the past few months, opposition unity has been anything but united. Infighting and bickering between various factions had left the opposition coalition floundering.

So, in a way, yesterday’s accusation that Julio Borges, Antonio Ledezma, and the rest of the MUD leadership were behind an “aborted coup” plot, a ludicrous claim involving several members of the Air Force, Tucano planes bombing civilians, and mass shootings … is actually good news for Venezuela’s opposition.

Nothing like a good ol’fashioned witch hunt to put the fear of God, or El Helicoide, in the hearts of bickering politicos. The result? A picture of unity, and resolve, put together with parrot’s saliva, or in this case, toucan’s saliva.

They say that when the opposition moves to strike, the government feels threatened and unites in response. Well, same here.

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