Ledezma Snatched by SEBIN

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Twitter just lit up with reports of a SEBIN squad forcing their way into Antonio Ledezma’s office in el Rosal. Ledezma is the metropolitan mayor of Caracas, a post invented by chavismo to sort of oversee all the municipalities that integrate the city. After losing this stewardship to the opposition they have been trying to strip it from any actual power (by eliminating the Metropolitan Police, squandering its budget, and by appointing “protectors” to usurp the mayor’s role).

Ledezma, along with Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado, was one of the promoters of “La Salida.”

Apparently, the government’s political police broke into Ledezma’s office and apprehended him violently without showing a warrant. For now, all we have is the bits and pieces that can be gathered from twitter:



Maria Corina was the first to get to SEBIN headquarters in Plaza Venezuela. A source close to MCM says that a SEBIN car is watching her home, however it has not been raided (as it was informed earlier). Henrique Capriles got to Plaza Venezuela as well. Other opposition leaders followed later on.



Some people has gathered in the street in front of SEBIN:



Here’s some video of the SEBIN squad arriving to Ledezma’s office:


More footage surfaces:



Right before Ledezma was taken, Leopoldo’s wife informed via twitter that the guards at Ramo Verde were trying to move him to another prison.

Chavismo thrives in conflict. Right now they need it to appear strong before their supporters, and to divert everyone else’s attention from la gran peladera de bola.