#FuckingFracking (but only if the U.S. does it)

Fuck yeah
Fuck yeah

First, I want to apologize,  but this post is going to sound like a dialogue from The Departed.

As we all know, no other country in the world cares so much about the environment as Venezuela. We care sooo much that we disbanded revamped our Environmental Ministry and created and even better one, (it’s better because it now has the word Socialism in it).

Just today, the folks at Distrito Capital launched the Expo Fucking Fracking to bring into light this harmful and terrible technology that no one should use, specially the U.S. because it will stop buying our oil  destroy the environment and Kill Polar Bears.

I also came up with a few hashtags that I’m sure will be instant hits. Perhaps they can be used for other Expos in Venezuela. Something like …






And the cherry on top:


So yeah … fuck all that.