What's in Roy's head? (Updated: Chaderton sort of apologizes)


Roy Chaderton, Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS, has always been a curious little beast.

A product of Venezuela’s ancien regime, he is one of the few highly-educated diplomats that remained in good standing with Chávez after the Revolution came to power. After the tides turned, many people in top positions turned in their resignations in disgust – Ambassador Milos Alcalay and Justice Cecilia Sosa are two that come to mind.

But not Roy.

Roy shed his old copeyano persona and embraced the revolution with fervor. His ability to re-brand himself as a leftie defender of whatever needs to be defended, along with some obvious skills, brought him close to Chávez. The Comandante quickly named him to top diplomatic posts, including a brief stint as Foreign Minister.

But now, winds have changed again, and so must Roy.

Venezuela’s government is no longer just a left-wing Revolution, but a murderous narco-state headed by thugs. What must a gal do in order to stay afloat? Why, join the thugs, of course!

So that is why Roy, in typical Roy fashion, decided to publicly fantasize today about putting a bullet through the head of anyone in the opposition, saying that when a bullet hits the head of a “squalid one,” it “goes through quickly and the sound is hollow.” It was perfect Roy – an incendiary, insulting, graphically violent quote … wrapped in a sophisticated metaphor.

I wonder what the crowds at Komi or Marcel’s will think next time Roy waltzes in with his bodyguards, probably with a boliburgués or two in tow.

Will they whisper to each other – “there is that man who wants to kill the opposition”? Will anyone wonder what kind of person publicly fantasizes about killing his political enemies? Will anyone remember Kluiverth Roa, who coincidentally died from a bullet to the head a few days ago – just like in Roy’s fantasy – while peacefully protesting against the government? Will anyone have the decency to show this hoodlum the door? Will anyone wonder what’s in Roy’s head?

Probably not. Which is why Roy finds it suitable to accommodate his personality to whomever his bosses are. The costs are minimal, and the benefits enormous. In the meantime, he will continue doing what he always dreamt of doing – playing diplomat in front of large crowds, and eating escargot at the world’s finest restaurants.

All it takes is posing as a thug.

UPDATE: Chaderton sort-of apologized. He said it was “maybe a mistake” to use “black humor.” He also said he was not going to change his way of speaking, and he was not resigning.

He still needs to go. He won’t.

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  1. Excuse me, I cant post right now. I’m feeling such an incoherent rage I just want to scream and throw something at the screen

    • Why? I found his remarks quite amusing, really. Can’t you people take a joke?

      The joke is that opposition demonstrators are empty-headed twits, so the bullet goes right through their skulls!

      • Hey, it’s people like you the ones who find all kinds of homicides as something funny, dude, stop whining.

        And have some balls and accept that the guy actually wanted to instigate murder with that statement, not going to run and hide crying with the cliché excuse of “it was all a joke, I swear!” because that sounds as stupid as “she told me she was 18!” or “this is not what it looks like!”

        After all, no one told you to follow a bunch of child-murdering-rapist kleptomaniac monsters anyway.

  2. So you promote foreign intervention as a living, but when someone explains to you the implications–death of Venezuelans regardless of their political inclination–, you panic.

    When they get killed, they’re going to judge your campaign, gipsy.

  3. The way he speaks, calmly – and even joyfully – explaining something so horrible, as if he were talking about a trivial, every day matter… I wonder how many personality disorders a shrink would be able to find in this man.

    • Not many “personality disorders” I would venture to say. He was Edmundo Chirinos’ patient form any years… LOL

      • It’s hilarious the way escualido cockroaches like to describe people as having ‘disorders’ for simply having the temerity to call them out for what they are.

        Chaderton told a hilarious joke that had the side effect of putting the opposition in their place. Good for him. We need more Chadertons in the world.

        • Which sound does the colectivo’s neck upon being sliced by barbed wire, hectorzito?

          Or which sound does it make a young boy’s head when it’s hit by a malandro gunshot? Did you know that malandro bullets not only kill opposition venezuelans, but they also kill chaburros, hectorzito?

  4. Roy may be a admirer of Talleyrand , the famous French Foreign Affairs Minister who started his career as an ancien regime Bishop , then became one of the french revolution ‘enrages’ who applauded the guillotin , went on to become Napoleons foreign Affairs Minister and couped his career by being appointed the representative of the reborn French Monarchy of Louis d Orleans at the Convention of Vienna . The one Napoleon described as ‘a lump of ‘merde’ in satin socks’ and who nearly caused a war to erupt between the nascent US and France when President Adams having sent a deputation of 3 ambassadors to meet with the French to stop the preying of french corsairs against US vessels in 1798 , was told that they must pay Talleyrand 40.000 Francs as a condition for him to agree to the talks .

    A definitely unsavory character now seeking the approval of his thuggish bosses by saying something bruttish , sordid and sinister to call attention upon himself . The same who Boris izaguirre famously claimed was seen closely dancing together with former Minister Ramirez in a Gay discotheque in London.

    • Talleyrand had been actively working against Napoleon for years before his defeat, since he broke with Napoleon over his invasion of Spain (he came to the realization that no Empire would ever be big enough for Napoleon and long term peace was probably unlikely). Napoleon, stupidly, did not exile him or keep closer tabs on him while he was actively undermining him and his rule. He probably couldn’t imagine the extent that Talleyrand was working against him. Talleyrand was allowed to keep his mostly ceremonial role in the mostly ceremonial Senate, through which he formed a provisional government as the Allied armies were closing in on Paris and Napoleon was fighting them elsewhere in France. It was that way he became the French representative to the Congress of Vienna….

      His comment after Napoleon had finished insulting him and Fouche in front of other high ranking officials for an hour was classic Talleyrand…”Pity that so great a man should have been so badly brought up.”

      • Thanks Rory , always fascinated by details from the life of historical figures . Chaderton of course if no Talleyrand , dont believe he wears satin culottes !!

    • Is nice to read from you again Gustavo. I am try to follow your personal blog.
      Keep in touch. One of this days I will drive to DC.
      My condolence about your best friend Alberto Quiroz

  5. This is chilling. People who engage in this kind of dehumanizing and violent rhetoric in a highly polarized society in the midst of an economic collapse are inviting a disaster. This is a situation where there are high levels of violence under normal conditions. A government concerned with the wellbeing of people would disassociate itself from this kind of psychopathic rhetoric and relieve the man of his post. Safe to say that Mr. Chaderton’s position not only is safe, but his words are a reflection of official policy.

  6. Siembra vientos y recoge tempestades… This man called himself a Christian for a long time (when he was copeyano for several decades, I do not know if he still calls itself Christian….) and representative of a humanistic and peace loving revolution … but armed …. and he fantasizes about bullets passing through human heads … and insults potential victims with the supposed emptiness of their heads ….. a sad, gloomy and criminal statement…

  7. I would add to Smolansky’s welcome declaration that Chaderton be suspended — without pay — by the OAS. Better yet, dropped altogether.

    And to think that Chaderton is a so-called diplomat???? At an age when wisdom should predominate, who in their right mind, let alone one who acts as diplomat, would ever say something so crass, so flippant about human life — not just to lick the boots of one’s boss, say for the preservation of one’s own life, but to the minions of an alarmist TV program?

    Where the hell is this man’s criteria?


  8. Excellent distraction created from the Venezuelan regime to help forget about the most important notice of yesterday: the U.S. sanctions agains violators of HHRR.
    Today the social networks were full of Chardenton’s video. And to be honest, I think they were successfull… Sadly

    • yes, you’re right JEG — mostly from a Venezuelan perspective. But Chaderton’s comments only underline the need for U.S. sanctions against violators of HHRR, imo. And it puts pressure on the OAS to act accordingly — let’s see what they are made of now.

    • I dont know. I cant see how that works. As a distraction from sanctions for violating human rights, here you have a high ranking officer speaking bullshit about murder.

      I think it just works as a reinforcement, not a distraction.

      • That’s to distract the people here in Venezuela.

        Instead of discussing the slaughter of 50 people by the colectivos the past year, or LL’s imprisonment, or capodado’s drug affairs, the murder of students at the hands of chaburro enforcers, or the recent surrender of the Esequibo to Guyana so they can outright steal Venezuela’s exit to the Atlantic, we’re now discussing the shit that popped off chaderton’s gaping face-hole.

        • well then, let’s ignore it, ok? Thanks to the collective efforts of not a few the world over, including the writers of this blog, all the sh*t that fits is being documented and discussed. In so doing, we can only hope to form a moral history of a nation gone to seed, while the public outcries (though not as strong as one would wish) clamor for others to take notice. And they have.

          • All these crimes should be documented in detail, so they could be taught later during history classes to the next generations.

            That alone would be the biggest obstacle the chaburrismo will have if they ever try to return to power in the future, no one in their sane judgment will vote for people that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, stole billions from the public funds, and tore the country apart to sell the pieces in exchange of political face-washing.

      • Well, maybe he wants his enabler to finally make come true the wettest chaburro dream, which is legalizing genocide agasinst everybody else in the country.

        • You people really are disgusting, aren’t you?

          How dare you compare execution of traitors and criminals to ‘genocide’.

          • You are something, hectorzito, look at yourself, dreaming of killing children and women, just to hear the sound their skulls make when the bullets hit.

            No wonder why you cheer and celebrate every time a humble venezuelan is killed by a malandro in a mugging.

    • I disagree. Sure, it may take the focus off it while everyone’s busy directing their outrage at Chaderton, but it’s not like the sanctions didn’t get tossed around social networks either. Hell, Maduro even made a damn retaliatory cadena about it.
      It would make more sense if, say, they imprisoned another opposition mayor and released this interview shortly after. But anyway, it’s moot. The sanctions are something that are out of our hands, they don’t depend on the Venezuelan opposition to be implemented, so whether or not we are still talking about the sanctions is irrelevant. They’re happening either way.

  9. In keeping with RC’s gross reference, some 10 years ago an acquaintance saw him in a London boite very “close-mouthed” with RR, and he wasn’t sucking escargot (clams, maybe)–true story, but, sorry, I just couldn’t resist– considering the grossness of his comment….

  10. There is a saying that a diplomat is a man who is willing to lie for his country. It is not uncommon for persons in his position to lose their moral compass within the web of deceptions they inhabit. This goes far beyond that. This man has lost whatever humanity he may have been born with. He should be denounced and shunned by decent human beings everywhere, but especially by the diplomatic community.

  11. Once again, chavismo shows us what is the quality of the people that drive it, people who greatly enjoy the murder of those they despise.

    • Very good point, vagonba. LL is in jail because his pep talk back in February last year allegedly motivated, encouraged protesting youngsters to get violent and such conduct ended in a number of deaths not only on that 12/2 but during the following 2+ months. Along that same line of reasoning, chaderton deserves the guillotine, no less…

      • So tell me, hectorzito, how did juancho montoya’s head sounded when the bullet went throught his skull?
        Was it murder because one of “your side” got offed, or was it a hilarious joke because a sebin did it?

  12. OT, but I hope this Blog features the recent declarations of such Oppo luminaries as Enriquez/Falcon/MUD/et.al basically condemning Obama’s “injerencia” in Venezuela’s affairs–with an Oppo like this, what chance does Venezuela really have of ever pulling out from its downward death spiral–just goes to show the truth of the old axiom that a country gets the government (and Opposition) that it deserves–the unfortunate inevitable finale is looking more and more like a bloodbath, or a final submission into Cuba2. The U. S. is right, either of these 2 alternatives is a potential threat to U. S. national security….

  13. The video you have posted is a SEVERE warning. If there is anyone who can “sniff the winds of the future” it is Roy Chaderton. We better prepare for the worst because it is coming.

  14. Typically, in wartime, the enemy is dehumanized by giving them a denigrating label: “Krouts”, “Japs”, “Gooks”, “Rag heads”… It’s a sort of psy-op racism that makes the enemy a sub-human in the minds of the soldiers, and thus easier to kill, or in the civilian world, easier to discriminate against or repress. The Chavismo label “Esqualidos” serves the same function.

    In this interview, we can see the result. Roy Chaderton, an otherwise educated man, is discussing the killing of human beings so casually because he has been submerged in the Chavista rhetoric and internalized the dehumanized image of the Opposition. I think that what we saw in that interview was a small taste of the conversations that occur regularly amongst Chavista high officials.

    Now consider… that if that is the rhetoric from the officers, imagine the rhetoric of the enlisted grunts (communas, milicias, etc.)?

    • We all know the answer to that, after all, the murderer who killed the 14-year old boy with the shotgun was a prime example of “new socialist man”, checking his facebook and twitter reveals how that piece of shit was a hatred-filled bastard.

      • Yes, and that hatred and resentment flows down, directly from the top. This is what makes the situation in Venezuela so dangerous.

    • When your house is full of cockroaches, Roy, you’ve sometimes got to call in an exterminator. It’s unpleasant, but necessary, and I’m happy Chaderton’s man enough to make the tough choices.

          • Gallows humor, just like “breaking women’s noses”, or, “Could you make that noose just a little looser?”, before the platform falls out from beneath the “Bolivarian Revolution”.

          • Hey, it’s the same comedy like that one time when a bolivarian national police blasted a child’s head off with a shotgun round.

            We should ask that good cop how it sounded.

          • Speaking of that, has Maria Corina Machado’s nose got fixed yet? She was probably just looking for an excuse to get some cosmetic surgery anyway, so I don’t take her stories about it too seriously.

          • Surgery or not, hector st.gulag, María Corina is still a badass, kind and smart woman, something much more attratcive and charismatic than any scalpel-work might do.

            And that makes you stir like a pile of worms, because envy itches, and you’re trying to find some wall to scratch your back.

            Stop suffering, hector, we know you want to have some leader that could show a fraction of what she’s got.

          • Roy, of course I’m being sarcastic–obviously, they say what they mean, and they mean what they say.

          • I know. My “irony meter” isn’t broken. It’s just that this sort of dehumanizing rhetoric is no joking matter. My feelings on the subject bounce back and forth from incensed to saddened.

          • On the contrary, Roy, it’s hilarious. The only ‘saddening’ thing about this situation is that the opposition wasn’t cracked down upon fifteen years ago.

          • Wanna know what was ironic?
            willian rara drowned in a river, due to a traffic accident, product of a faulty road.
            Oh, boy, his own incompetence and corruption being that state’s governor sent him to the bottom of a river, now THAT is irony!

          • Because self-indulgent crybabies like yourself lack a sense of humor?

            I can guarantee, I burst out laughing when I read about Chaderton’s remarks. If you don’t have a sense of humour, and can’t deal with decent people calling you out as the cockroaches you are, then you should stay home and not get involved with the public square.

          • You’re right, we really shouldn’t become involved with you, “the public square”, but, it’s just soooo tempting for us cockroaches, even though we risk being “cracked down upon” while we’re cracking up.

          • No, I mean that you should stop going to demonstrations, voting for the opposition, protesting, commenting on blogs, and otherwise participating in opposition politics.

            If you choose not to stop, you’re asking for whatever you get.

          • The same way I laughed like The Joker when I read about the wax doll’s supossed demise in march of 2013.

            …When everybody and their mothers know that the cyst kicked the bucket in 2012, the people burned so many fireworks it looked like it was the middle of the day out there! Hilarious! xD

          • “…If you choose not to stop, you’re asking for whatever you get.”

            The same way bigmouth choose not to stop hiring malandros as bodyguards?

            Or how the corpse choose not to stop trusting CUBAN MEDICINE?

            According to your logic, they both got what they deserved and were asking for, isn’t that funny, hectorzito, tell me?

      • Make the tough choices? He’s sitting in DC, enjoying a life of luxury. He will never have to do the killing or the dying.

  15. If this is a distraction, the way around it is to advocate for Chadderton to be added to the list of seven sanctioned the day before yesterday. That way, you can talk about both.

    • For what it’s worth, all of the OAS ambassadors and staff will be receiving later today a copy of the video and a letter that informs them that this person is one with whom they sit down with everyday to eat, and talk, and even socialize with. We will then ask them how they feel about that.

      And for the Francophone and Portuphones and Anglophones we will have a translation just in case their Spanish is not up to snuff.

      • Via tweets, I notice that rojo rojitos are fluffing up Roy’s pillows, saying that his recent comments are to be interpreted as SARCASM. That a diplomat engages in sarcasm on public airwaves is also not a good image.

        Thanks for the update, Roberto N.

        • “…saying that his recent comments are to be interpreted as SARCASM.”

          Typical chaburro response, throwing the stone and hiding the hand, they love to insult and instigate murder, but when shit comes down on them, they run, kneel, plead mercy, poop and cry, sometimes all at the same time.

          Their own opportunist way will result in the complete disappearance of chaburros the next day that turd gets flushed, because no one will want to be associated with people like that sonufafbitch (Just like the nazis did after WWII)

        • Roy Chaderton is a hero of the revolution. If you want to know what the future of the revolution is, it’s full of tough men like him who aren’t afraid to fight back against fascist cockroaches like yourselves.

          • He goes more heroic when calling to murder people, just like the child who got the headshot by the fabulous bolivarian national police.

            hector mac gulag must think killing children and then dragging their corpses in front of their families and friends is hilarious.

  16. Cecilia Sosa is not precisely the kind of former educated professionals at any branch of Government that you look up to.

  17. Quiero agregar algunos datos, ya que conozco a Roy desde la universidad y he trabajado con él. Udes. Se equivocan al creer que es un “highly educated diplomat”. Roy era el típico “diente roto” , que no hacia absolutamente nada y se mantenía en sus cargos adulando al que fuera necesario.Desde que se convirtió en robolucionario, las jaladitas no son suficientes y le toca de vez en cuando hacer este tipo de declaraciones, para sobrevivir.
    Tampoco está en la personalidad de Roy ir a Komi, ni a Marcel. Es un tipo muy raro, hipocondríaco, que practicamente no sale de su casa. Esto se ha acentuado ahora porque teme siempre encontrarse con alguien que lo pueda insultar.
    Alguien, en los comentarios dice que la OEA debería suspenderlo , sin pago. El no es funcionario de la OEA: es Embajador del gobierno de Maduro ante ese organismo. Me parece muy bien mandarle el video a sus colegas embajadores, aunque estos no harán absolutamente nada: ya vimos la actitud de esos gobiernos en UNASUR.

    • Hola Maruja:

      Ayer estuve hablando con una persona cuyo nombre no puedo divulgar, pero digamos que hace vida en la MUD, pero detras de bastidores.

      Esta persona me comento que estuvo en la OEA hace unos dias, tocando puertas a ver quien le daba unos minutos para poder hablar sobre la situacion Venezuela.

      Dentro de todo lo que me comento, lo que mas me dejo incredulo fue que segun esta persona muchos de los paises de la OEA reciben CERO informacion por parte de la oposicion y les sobra lo que Chaderton y la mision Venezolana le envian a diario.

      O sea, segun el embajador centroamericano con el que se entrevisto, nadie se molesta en mandarles la otra cara de la moneda a las misiones en la OEA. Me parecio insolito (o el embajador mintio) que no hay UNA persona de TODAS que trabajan en la MUD que se ocupe de esto.

      Si alguno de los lectores de aqui conoce a Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, diganle que corriga esto.

      No es lo mismo que la info venga de un Venezolano de a pie VS. que venga de alguna “chapa” de la oposicion.

      • Me parece insólito que ni María Corina Machado ni Lilian Tintori, ambas que tanto han promulgado la voz y la cara de la oposición, en aras exteriores, no sepan que esa voz no llega a oídos dentro de la OEA. Es decir, si hay bloqueo de la información por parte del representante venezolano, en la OEA, Aveledo ya tiene que saber esto.

        Aún así sería bueno que Aveledo o quien sea, dentro de la MUD, aclare este tema.

  18. Hola Roberto
    Tengo una visión algo distinta que ese embajador centroamericano amigo tuyo. Lo que sucede en las Embajadas hoy en día es que hay tal proliferación de informaciones, que en la Oficina de Prensa (o su equivalente) suelen botarla sin que nunca llegue a la persona adecuada (le pasó a Hillary Clinton con su Embajador en Benghazi). Lo que debe hacer un Embajador responsable es pedir la información, estar pendiente, buscarla él mismo. “No tener información” , no es una excusa válida en nuestra época. De todas formas, si este señor te da un correo personal, que lea él mismo, se le pueden mandar las informaciones diarias que envía la oposición venezolana.

    • Hola Maruja:
      El problema con informar a los embajadores OEA esta en que, por mas que les envien informacion veraz y oportuna, a la final van a simplemente hacer lo que sus gobiernos les indiquen.

      Enviarles informacion interdiariamente, por ejemplo, servira una funcion de como minimo poder decir “la tuviste en tus manos” pero de alli a poder cambiar las politicas de un estado hay que verle la cara.

      Dicho esto, les vamos a enviar la info de todos modos……………..

  19. Hi just a small editing problem you mean Judge Cecilia Sosa and not Justice Cecilia Sosa? great job anyways..nos pasa o todos 🙂

  20. Lookie, mr. headshot chaderton got to scared to lose his gringo visa that he blurted a half apology:


    As usual, the moron goes and says his words were “taken out of context”, because instigating the hysterical malandros to go and shoot oeple on their head can be taken out of context; he also went and said he said that statement as a little “black humor joke”, let’s not forget that chaburros are the most thin skinned people, who go ballistic at the mere mention of any “joke” on any stuff they don’t like.

    Just an example of an actual joke -> http://www.elchiguirebipolar.net/05-03-2013/planeta-tierra-continua-movimiento-de-rotacion-y-traslacion/ <- the chaburro comments are hilarious given how crazy they went for this.

  21. A late entry: Carlos Fuentes sobre Roy Chaderton: “Rigoletto servil del César tropical”

    “La primera regla de la diplomacia es la discreción. Mal ha debutado el flamante embajador de Venezuela en México, don Roy Chaderton, al criticarme porque yo critico al presidente Hugo Chávez. El embajador novato no distingue entre la libertad del escritor y la discreción del embajador. Sólo comprueba que él es emisario fiel de su amo, que merece su sueldo y que equivoca su función. Pues, ¿a quién halaga el embajador con su ataque? No creo que los mexicanos, de derecha, centro o izquierda, aplaudamos los ataques de un embajador extranjero a un escritor mexicano de derecha, centro o izquierda.
    Hay en el continente americano dos bufones. Uno, el de Washington, es el más peligroso. El otro, el de Caracas, es el más risible. El embajador Chaderton demuestra, tristemente, que él es sólo el bufón de un bufón, el Rigoletto servil del César tropical. Se burla de mis libros con juegos de palabras elementales. Yo soy más elemental que él. El embajador Chaderton tiene nombre de pescado, de clapedide osificado, con cabeza dura, rabo amarillo y cola homocerca. Bien pensados: quiero decir sin columna vertebral: sábalo.
    Para acabar de amolarla, el embajador me echa en cara mi edad. No comprendo. Yo me siento contento y orgulloso de llegar a los ochenta años con la cabeza clara y las definiciones también. Ni Bush ni Chávez, ni imperialismo yanqui ni autoritarismo tropical. El continente americano merece algo mejor. Espero ver un gobierno demócrata en Washington y un gobierno democrático en Caracas. Y al embajador le deseo larga vida, aunque en su caso esto suene a maldición.”

  22. Oh, dude, I know this is kicking the dead horse, but this guy really behaves like some bipolar nutjob! xD

    Now he justifies his instigation to murder with the “they started!” card, claiming that “chavismo has many more dead people than opposition -> http://www.canalntn.com/video/entrevista-roy-chaderton-43826

    So, according to his logic, ass-pulling makes any excuse to justify the muggers who mercilessly murder thousands of venezuelans per year.


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