With Friends Like These Chronicles

Fresh from the delicious story of Karen Halnon, the Penn State Abington sociology prof who recently declared she was smoking on an international airline flight in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution, I’m just going to leave this here for y’all to mull…

Damascus, SANA – Hundreds of Syrians staged Thursday an event to show their support to the people of Venezuela against the US’s hostile policy targeting their country and leadership.

event-Venezuela 1Gathered outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus, the participants chanted slogans dismissing the US’s blatant interference in Caracas’s domestic affairs and condemning the unjust sanctions imposed by the US against the Venezuelan people.

The recent US-plotted coup attempt against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro last month was only one of many other conspiracies schemed by the U.S. administration to debilitate Venezuela and force it into submission to its imperialist policies.

America’s hostility against Caracas has amounted to the U.S. President Barack Obama issuing recently a decree in which he declared Venezuela as a “threat” to the national security of the US.

Voicing appreciation to the “honest heroic position” of Venezuela in support of Syria in the face of the internationally-devised terrorist war waged against it since 2011, the participants stressed that both Damascus and Caracas share a same course of struggle against the imperialist policy of the US and other Western countries.

This, remember, from a regime that’s just started using chemical weapons against its own people…again!

Possibly the only thing more devalued than the bolivar these days is the quality of foreign chavista shilling.