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Fresh from the delicious story of Karen Halnon, the Penn State Abington sociology prof who recently declared she was smoking on an international airline flight in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution, I’m just going to leave this here for y’all to mull…

Damascus, SANA – Hundreds of Syrians staged Thursday an event to show their support to the people of Venezuela against the US’s hostile policy targeting their country and leadership.

event-Venezuela 1Gathered outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus, the participants chanted slogans dismissing the US’s blatant interference in Caracas’s domestic affairs and condemning the unjust sanctions imposed by the US against the Venezuelan people.

The recent US-plotted coup attempt against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro last month was only one of many other conspiracies schemed by the U.S. administration to debilitate Venezuela and force it into submission to its imperialist policies.

America’s hostility against Caracas has amounted to the U.S. President Barack Obama issuing recently a decree in which he declared Venezuela as a “threat” to the national security of the US.

Voicing appreciation to the “honest heroic position” of Venezuela in support of Syria in the face of the internationally-devised terrorist war waged against it since 2011, the participants stressed that both Damascus and Caracas share a same course of struggle against the imperialist policy of the US and other Western countries.

This, remember, from a regime that’s just started using chemical weapons against its own people…again!

Possibly the only thing more devalued than the bolivar these days is the quality of foreign chavista shilling.


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  1. It’s all part of an Imperiailist Plot: Venezuela, send us more oil (so we can store it with the other 80 million bbls. to keep the price from falling too fast)–but. oh, wait, we don’t have any more storage capacity, and you can’t produce any more to export to us anyway….

  2. The thing that most don’t get about Obama is that he lets his political enemies and the enemies of the US alone so they show the world who they are. Just look at what he did to the U.S. Congress. He did the same to other leaders around the world. The traditional enemies of the US look quite bad right now because he didn’t provide cover for their bad behavior or overtly call them on it. Venezuela is right where the US wants them: looking absolutely ridiculous and in the spotlight on the world stage.

  3. Well, those are for sure some supporters of Al-Mustard-Gas-Assad.

    Everybody knows that every chaburro finds rape, murder and all sorts of atrocities as something hilarious when they befall on their hated enemies (Aka the rest of us…)

  4. I think Karen Halnon should emigrate to Venezuela and hang out with Lina Ron. Damn, I almost forgot Lina passed four years ago. Maybe this is Lina’s long lost twin?

  5. I don’t get it- since when is imposing sanctions by restricting business with or travel into your country in any way equal to persecution? If they hate the USA so much, what is the big deal?

  6. Keep up the good work my friend. It’s not like the old days anymore. The task of unmasking and calling them out is a lot easier today. You checked out that article the The Spector? Keep him in mind as he will appear again.

    • This Bolivarian Revolution across South America is in its last days. They are fooling no one anymore, not even in Venezuela (check Maduro’s popularity). The tables turned.

  7. Given the less than sterling human rights records of countries like Siria , their support functions more like an indictment . of the regimes human right misconduct !!

  8. Wow!! That Karen Hanlon is completely delusional. It’s pretty scary to think that there are many more that think like her and are teaching in colleges throughout the world!

    • I was surprised that she was charged only $500. If she had brown skin and worn a hijab, the consequences could have been a lot worse. Just sayin’ .

  9. One cheering participant whispers to another, “Pssst… Where the hell is Venzuela?” The other one replies, “How the hell should I know? This gig doesn’t pay much. They told me to cheer, not study.”

  10. I dunno… so much bullshit pouring in from both sides. People I love suffering from the idiots in charge of Chavismoshit….. and I have to suffer the bullshit from a gridlocked administration of US policy shaped by lobbyists with shitloads of money to get politicians elected….. The ONLY difference… is I have weapons, protected by our US constitution…. I am on the GOOD side, I’m armed, and anyone that chooses to harm me, my family, my fellow citizens, stands a really good chance of getting shot. Chavismo took all weapons away from the law abiding citizens….. now who has the firepower? I know what will be said… All the “redneck, Yankee, bullshit….” (FYI… There are many of us Southern folk that take offense to that “Yankee” shit….) Fact remains…. You break into my house, you stand a REALLY good chance of getting a shotgun blast into your face…. And the policia, will look at the situation, tell you that you got a really nice gun, and file a “tiroteo justificada” report.

    Trust me, the US is not going to invade Venezuela, there is nothing you have that we want , that is worth our valuable young people in our armed forces….. Your oil is some really thick, sulphur laden shit that is really difficult to refine…. We can get that shit from Canada… And their leader actually has a IQ higher than the viscosity of their oil!
    With our technology, our oil reserves are growing every day…. Your oil is growing less and less relevant…. Keep giving it away to all the countries that need it at the beggar prices you promised it at…. You can’t produce what you need to produce… You have no-one left that knows a damn thing about production, maintenance, the technical things that can actually get that oil out of the ground and into the tanks of the ones that have real money to pay you for it…..

    Ok, I’m finished now…. Maybe I should not post when drinking Jack Daniels…. You remember, that really good whiskey that you can’t get in Venezuela now?

    I’m not a distinguished intellect like many in this discussion. I’m just a designer, engineer, machinist. Worked with a few companies in Venezuela in the past. Not now….

    I have been in your country 4 years ago, I enjoyed the food, the sights, and fell in love with all of it. But now I see the smoldering dictatorial shit slowly covering all the country I saw, and enjoyed so much….

    Good GOD guys…. What the FUCK are ya thinking?!?!?!

      • You gotta admit though it is a step above Jim Beam, but a good southern boy like Kevin should be drinking George Dickel.

        • A real good “Southern Boy” would actually be drinkin’ some ‘shine made in the woods a few miles down the dirt road…. But, the US government does not allow that…. They don’t get their cut in taxes….

    • Kevin, this old-timer had the same experience with Cuba back in ’59 (Google up Bacardi Rum, Perez Prado, Dezi Arnaz, Earnest Hemingway). But at least Castro had an excuse because back then, all the intellegent people in Europe and the USA just KNEW that communism was the wave of the future.

    • Do you think Chavismo disarmed Venezuelans? Oppos? Those who had guns still have them, there are still many arms around. The vast majority of the population was not obsessed with guns, like in Gringolandia.

      In fact, whether average individuals have or not guns is completely inconsequential for the existence of a dictatorship.

      By the way: just look at Canada.

      Aparentemente, la mitad de los gringos necesita un arma para sentirse hombres.

      • No, en realidad los que llevan el brazo legal son los que tienen menos probabilidades de participar en una confrontación … Sí, mira a Canadá … Las sanciones por un arma ilegal son enormes! Por desgracia, las sanciones por cualquier posesión ilegal de un arma de fuego en los EE.UU. no es tan grande. No estoy de acuerdo con esto …. Nunca tenga, nunca lo haré. Todavía voy a defenderme, y mi familia con extremo prejuicio …
        Como se indica en nuestra Constitución (segunda enmienda)
        Una milicia bien regulada es necesaria para la seguridad de un Estado libre, el derecho del pueblo a poseer y portar armas no será infringido.

      • What is it with Zombies??? I see them every day… lumber into my plant… do what the union says they have to do, clock out.. lumber into the parking lot, and drive home….

        Not an original thought, nor a single thought at all between the clock in, and the clock out…. Guess that’s just the evil capitalist pig in me…. The only difference between us and Vzla is the probability they will not get robbed, shot, or kidnapped on the way home….

        • The Zombies in Venezuela only have to leave their homes to collect at the bank (pensiones/Misiones), marches, and at Govt. jobs (3 million+)–that’s the evil Communist pig in them….

          • I’m throwin’ the white flag! I can’t compete with that. I don’t have a problem with giving people lots of money…. LOTS of money…. There is nothing I enjoy more than the annual Christmas party held and catered at our plant, when I get to hand out envelopes filled with $100 bills to our people that made our success possible,… I enjoy this because I know the people working with me are damn sure worth it…..

            I guess that makes me one of those horrible capitalist pigs… doesn’t it…

          • Venezuelan Zombies also get LOTS of money, a few 100 BsF bills, and maybe a few free birras, at least once a year–at voting time…There is nothing the Govt. enjoys more than doing this at these at least annual events–because they know the people voting for them are damn sure worth it.

  11. This whole US interference/potential invasion to Venezuela is such an annoyingly overblown foreign policy strawman issue that it has taken center stage in the news. This resulted from the unfortunate wording of Obamas resolution and the resulting tantrum circus show thrown by the government and its foreign allies. In my view it is a non-issue; unless the US severs commercial relations with Venezuela there is not much to see here other than a lot of political posturing on both sides. That’s just me

    • *** APPLAUSE ***
      I agree, way overblown…. and damn sure WAY annoying… of course most everything Obama does it pretty damn annoying in my book.

  12. The only thing this government has to hold at this point are delusions of being an anti imperialist crusader and it squeezes as much juice from that issue as it possibly can since it has absolutely no solutions to the real problems in the country, just makes me sick and even though at first I was for the sanctions I can’t help but feel it was political blow to the opposition. This is all we will be hearing about until the elections (if there are any) and it is complete bullshit

  13. Now why would any politician or government in their right minds brag and boast being friends with recognized Horror nations like Syria, Iran, Cuba, etc? Why did Chavez brag and publicize his friendship with Gaddafi, Castro and other monsters?

    To any politician or civilized, somewhat educated nation that would be a huge mistake, huge blow to any popularity, even an indictment in the public court of opinion. Conversely, imagine if the government of an educated small country, say Sweden or Chile, or even Costa Rica tell their people, over and over again, for a decade, that the Evil Empire of the Yankis is about to invade them.. they would all laugh and get rid of those lunatics in power the next day!

    But not in Vzla.. Sadly, our people have ZERO idea what goes on in the world. Such an embarrassing lack of basic education and most fundamental international information is what allows pathetic regimes like Chabrutismo and Masburrismo to grab the power, and keep it for decades.

    • Well Sledge, I have only one answer to your first two questions… “Shock Value…” Whatever it takes to piss off the “west”.. The evil imperialist capitalist sumbitches that have nothing better to do than organize a coup plot against Chavismoshit about every other month….

      Just like the idiot kids that get tattoos of skulls and flames on their faces, then wonder why that can’t get a job with a real company… You are left playing with the only other ones that think it’s cool! (that are just as big of losers as you!)

    • Just for the record… It’s Yankees…… Not Yankis… (We’ve had a hundred years or so of debating this with words, print, and muskets…. )

  14. To vote , to participate in decisions about the collective life , to responsibly judge the actions of rulers and the aptitude of candidates to political office are essential function of citizens in a democracy, in a free society . But that means that to be a citizen , that to be able to exercise the rights of a citizen , its not enough just to have been born in a particular territory , that you must have the capacity to responsibly exercise those functions , that being a citizen entails a burden , a capacity , a mind set , the absence of which disenfranchises you from the exercise of the functions of citizenship .

    Originally the term citizen came from an ancient latin word (cives) which in turn derived from a word related to the word ‘summons’ ( from which the spanish cita, citacion) , the term cives designated the person who in ancient republican rome could be summoned to the camp of mars to come with his weapons and horses or whatever he possesed that might be useful in a war to join the roman army to defend his country . The emphasis was not in what benefits he could be offered as a citizen but on what he could contribute to serve his country .

    This concept of the citizen as someone who had to bear and assumme a responsibility for his country has been lost in time ,now that being a citizen appears to mean is what I get from being a citizen of a country. Te end result is a mass of people who purport to act as citizens but who have nothing to contribute to the functions citizens are supposed to perform , on the contrary who lack the mental or personal capacity to discharge the duties of citizenship . This being the case how are we to conceive of a democracy that has not true citizens , people who arnet even able to competently understand the world they live in .!!

  15. chamo, Quico. I’m responding to your closure of the commentariat in your “Ask Smartmatic” post that follows this one, after you posted your comments here and here, ensuring no one would reply.

    In that you’ve been shooting ad hominems to various, all day, and now find attractive dumping your sh*t on me, I would ask: vamos por parte.

    Kep points out some interesting facts; you respond with smartass comments.

    Sledge, ningún santo, gives the contrarian position (as do others more politely); you respond with ad hominems and flippancy.

    Others chime in and you repeat your $100 offer for proof of fraud. But now the proof you request is only upon Smartmatic. You’ve changed your tune and don’t own up to it. Earlier you were saying there was no fraud, in general, in the Vzlan elections. You even guffawed over the laborious attempts of others to demonstrate a Black Swan event. You were flipping adamant in your position, which now has narrowed to the sanctity of Smartmatic. Not that you would ever admit to that change.

    I up the ante and demand proof of correctness to your request for proof of negativity. You can’t answer that, because Quico: YOU HAVE NO PROOF OF CORRECTNESS.

    (My $200 offer stands. It will continue every time you flippantly offer $100 for proof of incorrectness in the electronic voting — now narrowed to Smartmatic, earlier applied to a broader spectrum.)

    When the owner of a political blog writes in a language that requires his readers to chew upon a given subject, a job you do remarkably well, then FLAUNTS the logo of a HIGHLY contentious company, along with a google hangout and a softly written post, I for one retain the right to be cynical. Now take me to court for my “libel”. I can’t wait to see how far you get with your below noted characterization:

    — signed: she who woke “up on the deranged bitch side of the bed today”.

    XOXO, chamo 🙂


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