Did they hand out straightjackets in this drill?

At first I had no idea what this drill was about. Fake doctors? Fake blood? Sound effects? People running aimlessly? Why, there was even a kid dressed up as Simón Bolívar, with sword and everything. Did he dress like that specially for the fake bombing raid, or is that his usual attire?

What is this lunacy?

It’s…no, you mean it’s…a drill on how to react to an imminent US bombing?!?? Sure looks like it.

All along, I kept wondering “how do they get this many people to turn up to an exercise this batty?!”

Then it all made sense. At 4:15, just before the video ends, the propaganda hacks pull back the curtain just for a second, revealing what it takes to get hundreds of Venezuelans to show up to a US bombing “drill”.

I’m not going to spoil it. Just make sure to watch to the very end.

Oh chavistas, never change.