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Vargas1Venezuela has fifteen official holidays, not counting the rest of Holy Week (only Thursday and Friday are official holidays). On top of this, Venezuelans spend countless hours outside of work – either in traffic, or standing in line waiting to buy stuff.

This is just too much. One of the things any sensible government will need to do once this nightmare is over is do away with some of these holidays.

Send Carnival to the chopping block. October 12th, the “Day of Indian Resistance”? Do away with it. And do we really need to have four or five patriotic holidays? July 5th should be enough.

Any government that comes in will have to take unpopular measures. Getting rid of a few holidays should be one of them. Prompt the Education Ministry to do away with some of their holidays, too. Shortening vacation time in August would be a nice move.

Our country needs to get back to work. Only then will we get out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves into.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, everyone … while you can.

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