Our horrible candidates are our only hope

Now, no
This is not productive

The date for the Parliamentary elections has not been announced, but for the sake of argument, let’s say the CNE will follow the law and hold them this year. If that assumption holds, we’re getting closer and closer to another election in Venezuela.

As the date nears, we’ve begun hearing the same voices we always hear, saying stuff like:

“The opposition is in cahoots with the government.”

“Why vote if they are all the same thing?”

“Why vote if the CNE controls everything?”

“Voting is not worth it, there is no chance these people will ever let go of power by the ballot box.”

Now, let’s assume the worst case scenario. Let’s assume that, indeed, most of the opposition is in cahoots with the government, most of the opposition is made up of a bunch of crooks, and the likelihood that the CNE will respect an opposition win is slim.

The decision on election day is then two-fold: whether or not we should bother voting in these conditions, and who we should vote for (let’s assume a blank vote is possible).

Voting is costless. Given that there is a slim chance that the election will be clean – remember, this is the worst case scenario – it still makes sense to go and vote, just in case.

Now, whom should we vote for? On the one hand, we have our customary cadre of narco-military red-wearing crooks currently in power. On the other hand we have Bolichico-funded-narco-crooks who are not in power, who claim to be in the opposition, and who … ( big factor ) … against all odds, ensure our country becomes a democracy again.

Isn’t it obvious that you should vote for whomever *claims* to be in the opposition?

Not doing so practically ensures that things stay the way they are. In fact, staying home or voting blank ensures that things get even worse. Chavismo wins. Game, set, match.

The only glimmer of hope lies in electing people such as <Insert here the name of your favorite opposition-turncoat-chavista-vendido-Bolichico humping-Dom Perignon sipping-Assembly session skipping-punching bag> to ensure a transition to democracy.

I’m as dissatisfied with our opposition leaders as the next guy, but at least I know that if we elect a majority with these folks, EVEN with these folks … we will be laying the groundwork toward building a proper democracy in Venezuela. With the other guys? Zero chance.

So when voting time comes, simply go and vote for these losers. They’re all we’ve got.