Caracas Chronicles talks to @EfectoCocuyo


Today, I spoke to Luz Mely Reyes, co-founder of Efecto Cocuyo.

After a few technical glitches, we got down to business: a visit to Venezuela by Barack Obama’s envoy; the current status of scarcity; the shuffles in Maduro’s cabinet; and the continued hiding of the country’s economic figures.

Among the highlights, Reyes told me that she thinks the US is trying to avoid a confrontation with Venezuela in Panama, and to keep the focus on its detente with Cuba. She also said that the medicine shortage is not getting worse, and it might have improved a little bit. She also spoke about the weird dynamics inside our country’s supermarkets: you can either find stuff at outrageous prices, or you can’t find it at all. As for the people from inner Venezuela, they keep flocking to Caracas because scarcity for them is worse than in the Capital.

We’ll keep doing these from time to time. Let us know what you thought in the Comments section.

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  1. “La liquidez en Vzla llama la atencion”.

    Of course the Corruption, freebies and kickbacks are everywhere, at all levels, even “el pobre consumidor” like the 9 Million who were just out there, spending bolival fuelte parejo on their vacations.. Amazing, Massive, Galatic , Astronomical Theft, trickling down to the obreros and campesinos and “pobres amas de casa”, it seems.

  2. Juan: your direct questions were well formulated and succinctly delivered.
    But I could have done without so much rochelera at the start. My opinion: Vzlans in the media who wish to reach a broader audience, online beyond Vzla, and who wish to be taken seriously, will have to learn to prepare and deliver professionally. That means, by cutting out the chit-chat and getting down to business a lot earlier. Foreign-based audiences, and that includes expatriate Vzlans, who have to navigate through demanding environments, don’t have as much time on their hands as do Vzlans in Vzla. I’ve seen Luz Mely and Laura ‘on air’ by internet, before … pero con otras mujeres… llegó un punto donde me cansé de tanta guachafita. Gastadera de tiempo. Por ello ruego: Señoras: para un mercado internacional, la rochelera no cuaja. Pero seguramente ya deberían saber eso.

  3. Anyone catch the Conviasa pile-up in Maiquetia? Three aircraft out of commission. They towed the Airbus A-340 into another aircraft which then hit another aircraft. Nice going Conviasa…add the abandoned engine-less 737 in Miami and that’s four Conviasa birds out of service.

  4. I’d like to insist on a crucial topic no one seems to want to talk about, that the Lady here brought up:

    The amazing “liquidez” of today’s Venezuelan pueblo..

    If by that she means what I mean, that somehow, all of our “poor”, oppressed, uneducated, lower class majority populace seems to having a grand time going out on extended vacations, tolerating the “escasez” extremely well with very few popular outburst considering the deplorable situation, tolerating so well to be carded, finger-printed and rationalized like cattle (never seen before in Vzla), even tolerating the unprecedented level of Muders and insecurity..

    There they are, bitching a little bit, perhaps saying they don’t like Masburro (but still LOVE Chavez…) , signing a stupid anti-USA list, if they get some milk or a chicken.

    Sure, there is a measure if intimidation, terror tactics, oppression, guardia en la calle, (fear of losing whatever jobs or properties Chavismo has GIVEN them, regalitos chavistas..)

    As this lady here suggests, somehow, our poor pueblo and oppressed amas-de-casa, pescadores, campesinos, obreros, 3 millones de empleados publicos a bajo nivel.. somehow they seem to have plenty of CASH to spend, huh??!!

    They even come from the “Interior”, she says, the “poor” rural towns, Valle la Pascua.. to Caracas and the big Cities to get their supplies, at whatever high Prices, doesn’t matter. They have “liquidez”, cash somehow, even when , supposedly, a minimum salary cannot pay for half a “cesta basica” of food, let alone the trillions of Gallons of Polar, Ron Pampero etc they just consumed in Semana Santa hanging out in the beach, fighting the Imperio Yankee.

    My conclusion ain’t complicated: Chavismo has succeeded in corrupting, even more, our entire Populace.

    It’s a huge problem now of Social Corruption, not just what we fancy, educated, exiled middle-upper class “intellectuals” like to talk about all the time: Government Corruption.

    No, it’s Complete Corruption now, not just a good chucnk of Adecos/Copeyanos and a few sindicalistas, as it used to be for 40 years.

    The cancer has metastasized, down to every level , every bones of every “ciudadano” in Corruptzuela. Millions of Enchufados Directos, plus many more Millions of Leeches, who can’t work and don’t work, and are not prepared to work, GREASED by the regime in multiple ways.

    Not just the Chavista “government”. The vast majority of people left in Vzla is into the stealing/freebies/subsidized/bribing/regalitos/tigritos/cuanto-hay-pa-eso, Chinchorro Culture.

    To that extent, it’s true : Sarne con Gusto no pica.


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