Caracas Chronicles talks to @EfectoCocuyo

Today, I spoke to Luz Mely Reyes, co-founder of Efecto Cocuyo.

After a few technical glitches, we got down to business: a visit to Venezuela by Barack Obama’s envoy; the current status of scarcity; the shuffles in Maduro’s cabinet; and the continued hiding of the country’s economic figures.

Among the highlights, Reyes told me that she thinks the US is trying to avoid a confrontation with Venezuela in Panama, and to keep the focus on its detente with Cuba. She also said that the medicine shortage is not getting worse, and it might have improved a little bit. She also spoke about the weird dynamics inside our country’s supermarkets: you can either find stuff at outrageous prices, or you can’t find it at all. As for the people from inner Venezuela, they keep flocking to Caracas because scarcity for them is worse than in the Capital.

We’ll keep doing these from time to time. Let us know what you thought in the Comments section.