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He will ensure the planet's well being and manage all the water in the country
Ecowarrior Knee-on-Dirt
Ecowarrior Knee-on-Dirt

So, this flew under my radar, but  apparently Maduro backtracked on the the decision to fuse the Environmental Ministry and the Habitat Ministry, and now, we will once again have and environmental ministry.

It will be called the  Ecosocialism and Water Ministry (time to change the letterhead AGAIN guys) and the new minister is Guillermo Barreto. Barreto will have the daunting task of ensuring the well being of the planet and managing all the water in the country.

Good luck to you, Barreto.

The environmental situation in Venezuela is growing more precarious by the day. The good folks at Red Ara applaud this move, but still warn that there is much work to be done and that the government needs to stop politicizing the environment and needs to work with NGOs and other key players in society to take the necessary decisions and actions that our environment requires.

In these circumstances, more than political doctrines, we need common objectives that  will allow us to join forces and guide the country to a path of sustainability.

Barreto, my two cents, I’d start with Venezuela and leave the planet for later.