Be Part of the Solution: Support Efecto Cocuyo


There are just 60-odd hours left on Efecto Cocuyo’s crowdfunding campaign, which means you still have a chance to fight back against Communicational Hegemony by supporting independent journalism in Venezuela during its darkest hour.

We’re enormously fortunate to have some badass, cuatriovariada, multi-award-winning journos out there still willing to hit the streets and tell the stories the government doesn’t want told.

Make no mistake: this is vital work, and all the traditional mechanisms for funding it have broken down. Inventamos o erramos. These gals are inventing.

No donation is too small, though of course bigger is better. If you’ve been putting off making a donation, please make one now. It’s crunchtime.


Caracas Chronicles is 100% reader-supported. Support independent Venezuelan journalism by making a donation.


  1. Umm, cuatrovariada? Explain please.

    Perhaps you meant cuatriboleada?

    Vergacion par coño primo! Quico, deja los dichos maracuchos a los maracuchos!!!

  2. Creo que no nos conocemos tanto como para que me pida plata.

    Deje que la gente decida sola si dona o no, las cosas forzadas no se venden bien.


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