Leopoldo + Petraeus + Harvard = Insanity.

This video’s basic pitch?

Leopoldo López went to Harvard, a place where the CIA trains its agents. There, he supposedly met David Petraus, who invaded Iraq. He gave some speeches calling for Maduro to leave the Presidency. He is Thor Halvorssen’s cousin.

Ergo … he is a coup monger, solely responsible for the 43 deaths that occurred in last year’s protests. Add a dash of ominous The-Omen-style music, and … voliá, you have justified your salary.

It’s all so simple in crazy, state-owned VTV world, no? (Sorry, video is in Spanish)

If where you went to school determines your status inside the CIA, then I’m clean. I went to Michigan, just like this guy.

(HT: Daniel)