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Conas-2004Steven Obando, 28, is a high school chemistry teacher in Barquisimeto. This week, he was charged with extortion.

His alleged crime?

Demanding that two of his students bring in impossible-to-source packages of diapers and washing powder in return for a passing grade.

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  1. I think we’ve reached a point where it should be socially acceptable to slap a person who still says “No vale, yo no creo” or “Las cosas no pueden empeorar mas”

  2. It reminded me of the Warsaw Ghetto stories I’ve read. Very sad. I don’t blame this teacher, despair will make this to people.

    • Based on the report, this teacher is guilty of a blatant abuse of power. So is Maduro, Cabello, and Co. They all deserve to be punished. Just because Maduro and Cabello are “untouchable” doesn’t mean this POS should be too.

    • Whatever works to approve the course..always been part of our culture. Interesting getting arrested for that. But that is also part of the culture of milking money out of people dealing with our clean and even pondered justice system…The judges, secretaries and other officers also need some soap and diapers, and “este bichito” has some.

  3. Que culpa tiene el Sr. Profesor si necesita mantener su higiene al impartir clases Bolibananas?

  4. It’s awful and everything but I can also understand the teacher. He’s not asking for coffee. Wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to provide for your child?

    This considering how hard it is to find those products.

  5. Under your line of reasoning, I guess it’s ok to rob and steal as well to provide for your family. Or do you draw the line at pampers and soap??

    • Once I had this kind of conversation with my father, he was saying that to steal is never acceptable. And I replied: “Not even when one is hungry?” He shaked his head: “No.” I insisted: “Not even if your very child is hungry?” Then he didn’t know what to answer anymore.

      It’s very easy to judge people from our high-horses in countries without scarcity.

  6. It’s Les Miserables with diapers. They’re going full-trueque.
    Maybe he should have cut a trinitarian deal and asked for diapers instead of a salary.

    • The irony of that being one of Chavez’s favorite books is….profound. Who knew he actually intended to turn Venezuela into early 19th century France.

  7. Communism has it that you have to make a choice, either you are a slaver/ oppressor, or you stand on the receiving end. That or you flee!…

    What would Polar’s Mendoza think about this professor I wonder.

  8. Everybody shoots against the teacher, and yet nobody dares to say a peep about the dumbasses who just DON’T WANT TO STUDY TO PASS THEIR SUBJECT (’cause you know, in viveza criolla, those who study are idiots to be exploited and be a bully is cool)

    Also, it’s better to be asked for a bag of diapers, than being asked for, you know, THIS ->


    Todos le tiran al profesor, y nadie se atreve a decir pío sobre los idiotas que simplemente NO QUIEREN ESTUDIAR PARA PASAR SU MATERIA (Porque ya saben, en la viveza criolla, aquellos que estudian son los estúpidos que sirven para ser explotados y ser un abusador es genial)

    Además, es mejor que te pidan un paquete de pañales, a que te pidan, ya sabes, ESTO -> (Extorsión sexual)

    • Many years ago, I had a conversation with an acquaintance who was a high school English teacher. He told me that a female student had gone to his room after class for tutoring. Once in his room, she offered sexual favors for a passing grade. He declined the offer. He informed her that if she wanted him to tutor her, it would be done in the presence of another teacher. He went on to teach some 40 years. This occurred in his first five years of teaching.

  9. When those in the government are above the law, there is no law. This story, and the comments above excusing the behavior of this thug, illustrate how the boundaries between first, “legal and illegal”, and then finally, “right and wrong” become blurred. Watch out folks! This path leads to anarchy, chaos, and barbarity.

    • The guy could very well have been the victim of extortion by the parents in this upside down world. And kids make claims every day about their teachers, some of which are true, some not true, some exaggerated, and some put upon them by their parents. Suffice it to say, this guys’ fate has been turned into a penal matter and determined already, which is the really frightening part.

  10. Whenever someone has something that makes him more powerful than others there is the temptation to use that power to abuse and extort the weaker for his own benefit or sadistic pleasure, thats especially true of people who wield political power but in can happen in any situation where one party holds the cards and the other one doesnt .

    The ancient greeks and romans knew this so they tried a hundred different ways of checking the power of rulers by for example having two consuls or whatever , now of course we trust democracy to to the job and still there is no institution that can control this deeply rooted human inclination from manifesting itself .

    Just a week ago some US teachers were discovered to have sold test results to their students for money , this is no different except that our conditions are so pathetic that instead of money the teacher asked for some difficult to get diapers and detergent to give the kids a passing grade .

    Just as democracy doenst necessarily work to prevent the abuse of the ruler neither does a competitive market prevent the abuse of the customer by the big business interest. there is always a way of gaming the system to get past the controls.

    The tendency for venal or political corruption is universal , Venezuela now is just an extreme case because we are currently such a chaotic and dysfunctional system that the mechanism whereby corruption is held in check just dont exist for us .

    • Equilibradas, correctas y en definitiva, sabias palabras, Bill Bass, pero creo que no tienen nada que ver con lo que entiendo que F. Toro quería comunicar: la situación en Venezuela es ASÍ de delirante y absurda. Lo consiguió plenamente.

  11. He’s been jailed pending trial. Why?…Being a flight risk to a country with soap?

    For a regime whose functionaries engage in far far worse, with impunity, and whose sons and daughters advance on the basis of their parents station, let this be a lesson for being a mere teacher with no connections.

  12. Gracias por el enlace a esa noticia. Leo de media cada día unos 10 minutos de twitters, blogs, noticias… venezolanas. Muchas veces le dedico a esto más tiempo que a las noticias españolas que supuestamente deberían interesarme más porque soy español pero el caso es que siempre siento que hay perlas que se me escapan. Es un placer encontrarte con personas que se preocupan de recogerlas para ti (bueno… en realidad para todos pero en cierto modo siento que F. Toro lo hizo para mí en particular aunque sepa que no es así)


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