Latin America Goes Nagel


juan-nagelToday sees the launch of Latin America Goes Global: a new opinion and analysis site exploring the interface between Latin America and the World. The site is launched by Friend-of-the-Blog Chris Sabatini.

And guess who has a column from day one, and a place on the masthead? A-yup!

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  1. Every window that allows to read information that’s different from the bullshit dispensed by hegemon corp is another stab to that monster’s gut.

  2. Congratulations, JC. That site looks pretty good.

    That drawing of you, though, I gotta tell ya, it doesn’t look like you at all.

    I should point out how difficult it is to draw un Maracucho que parece Suizo. LOL!

  3. Felicidades a Juan por este nuevo logro y por el reconocimiento que implica !! mas aun por ese excelente primer articulo !! RobertoN is right on the un likeness of the drawing , next time a spanking new photo .

    Alguien deberia alguna vez escribir algo sobre los maracuchos teutonicos , han sido una raza con su historia y con meritos descollantes !!

  4. As usual excelent article Juan. Between you and Frank Mora who is the Director of the Latin and Caribbean Center of my alma mater writing there I will be reading that blog very often… Best of luck!

    • That doesn’t help. What we need is more inflation, longer lines and less food, more bachaqueo and less electricity. Until people finally get pissed off, even the millions of enchufaos.


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