Heartbreak for a Real "Reyes Mago"

This is one of those stories that just hits you right there.

Dr. Jesús Reyes was a revered pediatric oncologist at J.M. de los Rios Children’s Hospital, moving heaven and earth to treat his little patients in the face of mounting shortages of chemotherapy drugs.

Dr. Reyes was the kind of Doctor who would take his young cancer patients on trips out to the beach.


On Wednesday, he took a group of patients across town to El Llanito hospital, where he heard they still had some of the drugs the kids needed. They got their treatment, and Dr. Reyes took off for the night to go home.

His body was found the next day, on his bed at home, with hands tied and two stab wounds to the chest. 

His 120 patients and their families are forlorn.