Fascist Judge Thinks The Trial Comes Before The Verdict, Trolls TSJ

Verdict first – trial afterwards.

Demonstrating shocking disregard for the jurisprudential cornerstones of the Carrollian Republic of Diosdadozuela, Supreme Tribunal Justice Marisela Godoy has gone on record saying just maybe the Tribunal should, you know, wait to hear a case before passing judgment on it.

Godoy’s shocking ultraright fascist outburst came days after the Tribunal published a press release fully backing National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello following reports he’s being investigated in the United States as a drug kingpin.

Nor was that the first time the Tribunal has showcased its Revolutionary zeal by giving blanket support to Cabello on matters that could, and very probably will, end up being tried before it.

Magistrate Godoy has whatever she gets coming to her. Stuff and nonsense – the idea of having the trial first!