Fascist Judge Thinks The Trial Comes Before The Verdict, Trolls TSJ

Verdict first – trial afterwards.

Demonstrating shocking disregard for the jurisprudential cornerstones of the Carrollian Republic of Diosdadozuela, Supreme Tribunal Justice Marisela Godoy has gone on record saying just maybe the Tribunal should, you know, wait to hear a case before passing judgment on it.

Godoy’s shocking ultraright fascist outburst came days after the Tribunal published a press release fully backing National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello following reports he’s being investigated in the United States as a drug kingpin.

Nor was that the first time the Tribunal has showcased its Revolutionary zeal by giving blanket support to Cabello on matters that could, and very probably will, end up being tried before it.

Magistrate Godoy has whatever she gets coming to her. Stuff and nonsense – the idea of having the trial first!

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  1. Off with her head!

    Seriously, though… That may be the end of her career, in as much as you can call being a rubber stamp a “career”.

  2. This lady Godoy better watch out. There is the example of this other lady (ex-) judge who not only was thrown in the slammer but also 1) got raped by a GN (who else?) and 2) got her insides ripped out when they found out she was pregnant as a result of 1). And then big fatso Saab comes around to tell us democracy is vibrant in this shithole.

  3. I’m sure the Justice Department has been building its case for years against Diosdado and his buddies. As with the corrupt FIFA folks, eventually those who conduct their illegal activities through the USA will be answering a knock on the door and be very unpleasantly surprised.

  4. Only in Cubazuela.

    If only 10% of the remaining population had the slightest clue of what the words “Republic” or “Separation of Power” mean. Just a vague idea would suffice..

    • *” Powers. ”

      “Tribunal Supremo de Justicia” just sounds powerful and official too the under-educated masses. So anything they say, even Atrocities like these, are taken as God’s ultimate judgment.. They simply have ZERO clue what a TSJ is supposed to be.

  5. I believe there is a rule in Venezuelan Law that if a Judge pronounces itself on the merits of a case before its been filed before the court in which it seats , then the judge can later be recused and forced to remove him/her self from the case ,

    By publicly expressing their backing of DDC on the drugtrafficking charges , the judges may have excluded themselves from later being able to give a decision concerning the case .

    Now they realize the implication of what theyve done and may be trying to patch up the broken pieces .

    As president Herrera Campins used to say : ” tarde piastes pajarito’.!!

  6. Maybe she is trying to get political asylum in the US, so she purposely tried to provoke the inevitable regime reaction so she has an airtight case to make.

  7. Snollygoster
    (US, slang) a shrewd politician who cares more for personal gain than serving the people

    n. Slang
    One, especially a politician, who is guided by personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles.

    • Ah, thanks Mick:

      The word you are looking for in Venezuela is Politico.

      They all fit the definition of snollygoster.


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