Luisa Ortega’s Spectacularly Failed Attempt to Lecture an Arab Spring Leader

Absolute Shamelessness
Absolute Shamelessness
Absolute Shamelessness

Extraordinary scenes in Geneva yesterday as Venezuela’s Chief Prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, took to the UN Human Rights Council floor to try to convince the world that War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Venezuela Scrupulously Respects Human Rights.

Ortega was pressed on the treatment of Judge Maria Lourdes Afiuni – detained for releasing a political prisoner without the president’s permission – by the Tunisian representative Yadh Ben Achour, one of the Arab World’s most respected legal rights scholars. It seems Ortega blew a gasket, snapping, “so that the lawyer Yadh Ben Achour, representing Tunisia, may shut his mouth, it is not true that Judge Afiuni was raped. He is making things up.”

It’s bad enough that someone like Luisa Ortega would think to lecture someone like Ben Achour, who has a long history of opposing the Ben Ali dictatorship and led one of the top revolutionary bodies that managed the transition from dictatorship during the Tunisian Spring. Yadh Ben Achour is nowhere near the list of people a two-bit caribbean dictator’s apparatchik can bullshit, much less intimidate.

“This is too grave an accusation,” Ortega raged, “we are accused of infamy!”


But the worst, for Ortega, was yet to come. Hours after her outburst, Judge Afiuni turned up at her trial in Caracas – a trial that’s taking place now, five years and four months after the fact – and repeated that not only had she been raped in prison, but that both her vagina and anus had been seriously injured in the attack.

Judge Afiuni stands by her allegations that she – alone among inmates – had been left locked in her cell during a small fire at the prison. Her lawyer went on to state categorically the document Ortega brandished in Geneva claiming that Afiuni signed she had never been so victimized was an outright a forgery.

Ortega’s enormous blunder is telling. She just lied so blatantly, so demonstrably falsely, nobody even vaguely fair-minded could fail to see the type of person she is, or the type of power she represents. She claimed there was no physical evidence of any attack against Afiuni – a useless lie, the medical reports documenting Afiuni’s wounds are included in the dossier available to the UN-HRC committee in Geneva. Afiuni alleges she was forced to strip naked in front of 20 National Guardsmen while undergoing one of these medical exams.

Back in Caracas, the trial judge denied Afiuni’s request to be allowed to travel to Switzerland to respond to Ortega’s statement in person.

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  1. Ortega’s performance was puke, simply puke; and her panel of interrogators at the UN had the chance to smell and see her puke…and this is phenomenal!

    • Consequence? Well, Luisa gets to leave the hell-hole that is Venezuela (and that she helped create), and then gets to go shopping in Geneva and, if there’s still time left over, head on up to Paris and visit the Hermes shop on the Rue de Honore. I understand that they’re having a sale on handbags next week……

  2. Guys, do you have a source on this? Like, a video of Ortega defending herself like this? Because I NEED to see it. I want to see how can someone lie with a straight face.

    • If it’s lying with a straight face you want, tune in to any cadena nacional, any episode of con el mazo dando, and any press conference by oficialistas ever aired, ever.
      Ortega is hardly the first of her kind to do it. It just seems more appalling that given that she is a woman she doesn’t have an ounce of empathy for a rape victim.

  3. ‘Ante el comentario de la fiscal Ortega, el presidente del Comité de Derechos Humanos de la ONU, Fabián Omar Salvioli, de Argentina, respondió que en la sesión “nadie manda a callar a nadie salvo el presidente de este Comité que soy yo”.

    Llamó a la delegación a evitar ese tipo de lenguaje y alentó a la delegación a continuar con un diálogo “respetuoso”.

    De lo contrario el único que va a mandar a callar a alguien soy yo que soy el presidente del Comité”, reiteró.’

    when bananarianismo meets structure…

  4. So the regimen shows itself as the monster it is, again. This is not news to Venezuelans of good will. So Venezuela joins the club of unsavory governments like Zimbabwe (since 1980), North Korea (since 1950), Iran (since 1979), Russia (since 2008), China….

    Thinking of the UNHRC reminds me of Stalin, who is quoted to say “… how many divisions has he got”.

    Of course, this IS better than nothing, but not much in my understanding.

  5. That was just one of the atrocities from Ortega yesterday at the UN. Here’s more:

    Luisa Jinetera Ortega, despicable, horrible wench finally got slammed:

    “Ortega, en sus posterior intervención, señaló que Afiuni nunca había sido violada durante su tiempo recluida, exclamando que con esto esperaba “cerrar la boca” del experto.

    Ante esto, el presidente del Comité Fabián Salvioli le pidió respeto a la venezolana argumentando: “Aquí nadie manda a callar a nadie, el único que puede mandar a callar soy yo”.

    Olivier de Frouville indicó: “Si se nos acusa de complot al Comité no quiero pensar lo que les pasa a los nacionales que critican al Gobierno”.

    “Tal vez como hace 15 años que no participan en el examen han perdido la habitualidad de cómo es el diálogo con todos los países”, afirmó Salvioli.”

    Ahh, the “Delicate Flowers” of Chavismo…

  6. What is weird about Afiuni’s rape accusations is that they were not known to the public until she published her book. I actually didn’t know there was a medical report. Does anyone have access to this or to the dossier handed over to the committee?

    • I had heard that the medical report had been with the UN since shortly after the events happened. Hugo Chavez also got a copy. I believe the UN also have samples of biological material which includes the DNA of the foetus, and therefore, the rapist.

      When Afiuni’s book came out, and the rape accusation with it, Luisa Ortega threatened to charge Afiuni with ” calumny against the public organs “, but did not ask for a medical report or initiate any investigation of the claim, such as establishing the date the pregnancy occurred, and the names of the males in the prison at that time. No line-up was done, and no biological samples were sought.

      This kind of wilful blindness is analogous to helping a rapist escape detection by hiding him in your home. You can’t sink much lower than this.

  7. And chavismo is waist deep in all of this mess just because the tantrum the queen of rice, the kleptomaniac daughter of the corpse tossed, and the obsession to cover her dollar scam for which Eligio Cedeño was framed.

  8. According to a friend who does international law, if this is true, if Luisa O lied to UN Human Rights Council, on behalf of the Venezuelan government, who apparently is flatly denying it’s culpability in the rape/sodomy of Judge Maria Lourdes Afiuni, this is not only a grave offence, but also a “crime against humanity,” as of 2008, when rape was included under this international offence. If an international tribunal made the acquisition stick, INTERPOL would issue a colored (red?) notice and once apprehended, Luisa and others could be hauled before the Haigh.

    The UN charter reads: “In 2008 the U.N. Security Council adopted resolution 1820, which noted that “rape and other forms of sexual violence can constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

    This case would normally be overlooked but when an intemperate, brassy wretch like Ortega tells a legal High Lama like Yadh Ben Achour to “shut his mouth,” she is basically assembling the chairs at the tribunal. It is one thing to disrespect your countrymen and political foes, but when you do that on an international stage, you are truly playing with fire.


    • This is the just freaking UN. As bureaucratic and inefficient as it gets in the murky, political slime we call “diplomacy”. They hear about abuses as bad and worse every week, heck they’re the ones supposed to deal with entire Genocides in Africa or Syria, lately.

      A bunch of ex-presidents, (notice the ‘EX’) could get more done than these worldwide pieces of shit organizations.

  9. Something tells me that media coverage of the Affiuni case will be mysteriously banned in the coming weeks due to some ludicrous reas…..nope. never mind, they don’t even Have to come up with a reason.. Something tells me that media coverage of the Affiuni case will be banned in the coming weeks.

    • Still worse… I was hoping to see some international press coverage of this spectacular display of arrogance. This morning… nothing.

      • Roy
        We are less than nothing for the rest of the world. They are quite busy trying to contain bearded fruitcakes. All I’ve seen lately is mockery related to the lack of toilet paper through small notes hidden in the World section. And we always thought we were important…. que bolas

    • Right, but the MUD — and especially the Ladies who seem to be doing all the hard work, should use this notorious and despicable case as a “Flag”, nationally and internationally for HR abuse. The fact that the victim herself denies she signed anything, should be quite powerful. Problem is that Ortega can always weasel her way out, saying the paper was given to her.. and then the Regime will of course try to crush any other judge or politician when they talk about it. The death threats against Affiuni’s lawyers and former colleges are already everywhere.

    • I agree with you emiliana…as usual.

      This baroque farce won’t be televised (or broadcasted in radio for that matter) Probably something in a newspaper in a nation of non readers.


      anyway, we can always feed out resentment towards them, someday they (or some chavista guevon) will pay for all this

  10. On the bright side, if Luisita Ortega babbles constant atrocities and gargantuan Lies, or if Desiree Sevelina, illustrious head of our Magnificent Comité de Víctimas de las Guarimbas, isn’t heard at the UN, we can always count on TibiBitch enlightened remarks..

    Thanks to her infinite wisdom and impeccable morality, we must ask ourselves deep, intriguing questions such as ” ¿Por qué a papá no le regalan licuadoras en el Día del Padre?”

  11. The fact that this human septic tank is not only from my country but from my town as well shames me. Las palabras Venezolana, Mujer y hasta Humana le quedan grande a esta bazofia…

  12. Esta persona, al igual que muchos comuniches convertidos en chavistas hoy en día, piensan que el mundo tiene una deuda con ellos por la muerte de sus familiares mientras eran terroristas castristas en los años donde cuba quiso invadir a Venezuela.

    joge el estafador de trampamatic es otro, que cree que toda Venezuela tiene que pagar por siglos el que al sinvergüenza de su padre lo hayan metido preso y terminara con un mosquero en una cuneta, que si bien los métodos del gobierno de entonces eran abominables y nauseabundos, los fulanos “rebeldes” comunistas no es que eran unos santos precisamente.

  13. She is a shameless, vulgar, uneducated, disgusting, vile, and liar straight to the core of her being. She will begin to rot from within in a few years. When the Regime collapses and her character goes on trial along with her crimes the decay of her soul will become obvious. She has turned her back on Humanity for the sake of power. Nothing is worse than a corrupted soul. Women in VZLA and the world continue to be offended and violated by this subhuman piece of trash.

    • And yet, compared to the other Dozen shameless, vulgar, disgusting thieves, putrid “mujeres del Chavismo”, 7 “ministras”‘ and all, this Ortega Despicable Whore and the TibiBitch abominable Wench are probably among the most “educated”.. and that includes most of the male “subhuman pieces of trash” too, of course. My favorites are DelcyBitch and Iris Varela..


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