Pablo Pérez's Turn

The outbreak of arbitrary elections disqualifications continues, as the Venezuelan government goes all in on that old democratic dictum: if you can’t beat ’em, ban ’em.

Now it’s former Zulia State governor Pablo Pérez, disqualified from office for TEN YEARS on some flimsy excuse. It’s the third high-profile disqualification this week.

It’s enough to give you déjà poo, the uncanny feeling you’ve heard this shit before:

Parliamentary elections […] will be grossly unfair because of arbitrary disqualifications and other restrictions,Human Rights Watch said today. The voting for […] parliamentary seats follows the disqualification of hundreds of candidates based on vague and ill-defined criteria, and opposition leaders are either barred from participating, serving unjust prison sentences, or refusing to participate in what they consider sham elections.


“…the authorities have stacked the deck by disqualifying candidates and arbitrarily and jailing key members of the reform movement,” said Joe Stork, deputy […] director at Human Rights Watch.“There is no transparency surrounding the vetting and selection of candidates.”

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