No gender quota for Primary-Elected Candidates

Any woman ... except this one
Any woman … except this one

On Tuesday the CNE – our very neutral elections authority – explained that the gender quota would not apply to the candidates elected in the primaries. Seems like someone in the government party did some number crunching. As Eugenio Martinez explains in Prodavinci, only 28 women from a total 113 districts were elected in the PSUV primaries. If the rule stood as it was meant, the PSUV would have to produce 45 female candidates along with 45 female alternates.

So, where does the PSUV stand with the new interpretation?

On top, as usual. Since they held primaries in all 113 districts, they won’t have to adapt their principal nominees to the gender quota. Although they will require some tweaks on their voting lists and alternates.

As for the opposition, Martinez explains:


In order to comply with the rule they must nominate 29 more women as candidates and 29 more women as alternates. And for the 24 state voting lists, the MUD must have 20 women running as list heads, and the rest (the other 20 women) must run -at least- from the third position in the list.

Lo que es bueno para el pavo, you know how the rest doesn’t go.

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