Inside soaps

AcostaOne of the perks of writing the blog is that I get to meet and interact with interesting people I wouldn’t normally associate with – both in the comments section, and outside of it.

Case in point: a few months ago I got the chance to spend some time with Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, a professor of Communication Studies at the University of Georgia, venezolana rajada, and an expert on telenovelas.

Carolina is a delight – brutally smart, engaging, thoughtful, and a whole lot of fun. It also helps that she’s an expert on a topic all of us have some experience with: telenovelas. She was in Caracas last month, and I suggested to Angel Alayon that he get in touch with her for his radio show.

Angel got the chance to interview her, and the conversation (in Spanish) is a doozy. Do check it out. If you are interested in the topic, get a copy of Carolina’s latest book, “Telenovela Adentro,” where she talks about the promise the Venezuelan telenovela industry once held, and what happened along the way.

Oh, and follow Carolina on Twitter.