El Aissami Police Holds Summary Executions, Governor Blames Capitalism


AraguaThis shaky footage, clearly the work of a trembling hand, is good enough to make out the basics:

In broad daylight, in an alley behind some buildings, three or four lifeless bodies lay scattered across the ground. An SUV arrives and several police officers get out of the car. One of them scouts the area, seems to verify nothing is out of place. He pushes one of the bodies aside with his foot to make room. Two of his colleagues produce a thin man who was sitting in the back of the car. The man knows what is going to happen, but he remains calm, doesn’t try to escape. He is held by his arms, and at that final moment, looks away. He is ordered to stand straight, he obeys. A loud bang can be heard. The body seems to disjoint and stumbles to the ground with the others.

This cellphone video, shot in Aragua State by a person in hiding, was released by El Nuevo Herald two days ago. We hope that the above description will be enough to spare our readers from having to watch it. It is beyond disturbing.

The Aragua Governor, Tareck El Aissami, released a comuniqué saying the officers involved would be tried, and trying to distance his office from the gruesome events:

The bolivarian government of Aragua stands by its commitment in the fight against the antivalues of humanity, which are characteristic of the capitalist model, as events such as these do not respond to the mystique of the police institution, integrated by patriotic men and women with firm morale in the fullfilment of their sacred mission to protect the life of the Araguan people…

It wasn’t me, it was the capitalism implanted in my brain. Tareck is the Manchurian Candidate.

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  1. It’s a very dumb proposal of his. If that were true, then Venezuela as one of the least capitalist countries in the world would have a low crime rate and we know it’s the other way around.

  2. I remember once in El Palito near the Taborda, a few chaps I knew were shot while they were asleep. Everyone knew what happened but who do you tell? One was a petty thief but the other two were not.
    That was before the Chavez era. Most of the police and GN were never people to trust.
    That was the time I decided to leave the country, took a while but I managed to get out legally because my aunt had political connections.

  3. Should we be surprised? Or, should we take criminals who kidnap/mame/kill to tribunales, where 98% will be set free? Yesterday, a friend saw at 11 a.m., in a 6 block route on Av. Baralt from Quinta Crespo to the Autopista, THREE atracos armados, one by a motorizado/parrillero stealing a transeunte’s cel phone, another motorizado stealing a parked driver’s cel phone/wallet, and a several-member band leaving a bus with their arms full of purses/packages/cel phones. And, this, after her best friend was shot in the abdomen the night before at 6 pm, leaving the Metro, by a motorizado, who had stolen his cel phone, and left, but returned because her friend was “mirandolo demasiado”.

    • The only way summary executions would work would be if you kill every last one of the presumed criminal. Which is nearly impossible, otherwise you have an endless supply of 9-12years old with no morals ready to fill any void.

      Besides how many innocents would die in the process, can you guarantee that those executed at cold blood in the video are in fact malandros. They could be innocent or guilty of minor crimes. You are assuming the police guy is working in good faith.

      Unfortunately the solution to the problem is way more complex than that.

    • And how many Millions of incredibly uneducated people actually do believe in countless Galactic Turds, worse than that, and still do? 70% of the remaining populace?

  4. This is very complicated subject, it is almost imposible to argue that executions are the only way around the current impunity levels in the country. I will admit that I have a double feeling inside, one that thinks “they deserve it” and the other that thinks “if do it, whats the difference between us”. One day we could be one ones “deserving it” because we think Diosdado is a corrupt politician.

  5. Classic left wing bullshit-blame capitalism for everything while you are selling enormous quantities of oil to capitalist nations to keep their economies running while yours fails and your citizens go hungry. If people disagree, KILL THEM! Are Venezuelans ever going to wake up? Maybe they need a vacation in the new Cuban resort country. They hate capitalism, too, but love the gringo tourists and the capitalist $$$.

  6. Now WHY do high government officials constantly get away with such obvious, stupid lies or excuses?

    How come the masses don’t revolt immediately, as they do even in the USA, Baltimore, or in any country where this kind of horrific video is shown, and the official in charge just brushes it off as “capitalism”?

    It’s not just the repression, threats, terror and fear that are in place.

    Not even widespread Complicity of just about everyone in the area..

    It’s also, and more importantly, Massive Ignorance, Galactic Under-education, present everywhere, at every atrocity we witness everyday in Murderzuela.

    You see, a majority of our “alphabetized” pueplo-people still have no clue what such basic concepts as “capitalism” mean, or any of the ‘fancy’ words these corrupt, criminal officials deliberately utilize to confuse them about anything, and keep them nicely brain-washed, virtually lobotomized zombies, completely insensitive to anything anymore.

    Try this one day, while waiting in your favorite Cola: ask a couple of average, ordinary, typical chavista or anti-madurista (not the 25% pro-Maduro, or the majority who still love Chavez), just any typical doña del pueblo what “capitalism” is, in her “alphabetized” opinion.

    Zero clue, on that, or anything else. Try any other word used here by the Tareck Mega-Thug, “anti-valores” or “mistica” , 8 out of 10 people you ask during your little social experiment, will make you laugh, or cry. And don’t even try more important, relevant, yet basic concepts like “separacion de poderes”..

    Massive Ignorance / Corruption-Complicity: present everywhere.
    Choose ANY post since the very start of CCS chronicles, or any Vzlan topic, there they are.

  7. This is a tough one. We don’t want those malandros back in the streets , and that’s where they are after being captured by police . On the other hand the GN are as malandros as them to now start shooting who ever they want to . Sadly I think Venezuela is a lost battle.

  8. For years the regime either neglected doing anything to control or stem the rising crime problem or tried to enlist criminals as followers (colectivos) ,maybe because they felt they had bigger fish to fry ( the liquidation of their political rivals) or because they believed criminals posed no real risk to their control of the country.

    Now criminality has become a force unto itself , rapidly taking over spaces that the criminals had never occupied before, matching the police in firepower and aggresiveness ,in fact targeting the police and untouchable govt high ups and their entourages as their victims . Criminals have overstepped the boundaries which the regime set for them and now they are rivals in the exercise of violent power.

    Also they give the regime a bad image as incapable of dealing with run away crime affecting their already free falling domestic popularity and their international reputation .

    Now a war is starting where the regime is trying to be seen as engaged in a battle against crime and a climate of real animosity has arisen between the govt traditional policemen and the rising class of empowered criminals. the execution we saw on the video is just an episode in that war , one which will continue and which has nothing to do with institutional values but which the rivalry of two gangster armies .

  9. That was murder, plain as daylight.
    We assume the guy was a malandro, what if he was not? What happened to Innocent until proven guilty?
    I do not know what he did but this type of action buy the police is wrong. it is wrong in Venezuela , it is wrong in any country.

  10. Unfortunately, some locals agree with the gov’t position. Case in point, the following comment on the youtube version has one upvote and no downvotes: “El Unico…que cree que en Venezuela hay comunismo eres tu, en los paises donde ha imperado el verdadero comunismo no existe esta delincuencia desbordada que hay aqui, te pongo el ejemplo de Norcorea, la china Comunista de Mao, Rusia en su epoca Comunista, Y Cuba. En comunismo no hay libertades economicas pero tampoco hay la tasa criminal que si hay en capitalismo, de las poquisimas cosas buenas que se le puede rescatar al comunismo es precisamente la ausencia de delincuencia. Por eso en Venezuela no hay comunismo sino mas bien un capitalismo salvaje y canibal.”

    • In communist countries before the internet, there was no crime because the media was controlled. In communist countries now, there is no hiding of the facts.
      If that person did not put that on the net, it never happened.

  11. Vzla is a lost battle… Is a country inside a civil war, undeclared and medium intensity. Things can only get worse.

  12. People have been brainwashed by centuries of cultural constructs (enlightment and romanticism) to pay sentimental tribute to values which deny their instinctual sense of justice and thereby be able to feel self proud of their goody goody humanitarian principles but the truth of the matter is that what really sattisfies ones primitive sense of justice is not mercy but retribution. Criminals exercise de facto power to wantomly snuff the lives of their victims in perverse and cruel ways but society must stay its hand because we like thinking of ourselves as endowed with refined moral inhibitions. Im reminded of those videos of the mothers or recently killed arab terrorist smiling merrily because their children have died as martyrs , the worst BS is the one we self delude ourselves into believing. Im not talking about the particular videoed incident but about the way we generally sentimentalize the criminals who tke away without remorse the life of their innocent victims.

    • I remember a video where a guy held a lady hostage at gunpoint, stating that he would kill her, because well, he just wanted to do some damage before going away.

      Then the guy got ganked by a sniper.

      Said sniper was under the orders of a certain policeman, who’s one of the most hated persons by chaburrismo: Iván Simonovis.

      In this video, the typical chaburro would say “I knew Siminovis was a murderer, good thing that he’s rotting in a cell! Hahah!” or “Poor humble boy! He got murdered by the evil capitalism!”

      For examples of what chaburros would say about the red-led slaughter today, well, I guess noticiero neurasténico could satisfy your curiosity, but be warned, that page is not for the soft stomachs.

  13. For those flirting with the idea that the policemen had the right idea in eliminating malandros expeditiously, let me offer one of my favorite quotes:

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

    • The abyss gazes into you every time you leave your house in Venezuela,day or night, not certain if you will be able to return alive, or if in one piece. Bleeding Heart Liberals should try living in Venezuela for awhile, to understand what “bleeding” really means in reality and well might end up bleeding for an abstract ideal. Venezuela is a twisted society, irrecuperable by democratic means, where a sicario will kill anyone for a few thousand Bs., or a cel phone.

      • I can understand why some people think that shooting malandros is preferable. Because if the cops are only going to arrest them so they won’t get processed or even worse, live out a better life in Tocoron prison without retiring from criminal life, it kind of makes arresting them a pointless effort.
        But still, summary executions are a monstrous thing and they pave the ground for even worse actions.
        Malandros running around unchecked is certainly a problem, but the root of it is our justice/penal system, and the solution is not cavalier executions.

    • I’m shocked as well. One thing is to knwo that those things happen all the time, and another one is seeing it on a video. He wasn’t running, he wasn’t attacking them. They holded him and shot them straight in the face.
      That is horrific. War style crime horrific.

  14. A flawed justice system that all but guarantees the freedom of the guilty is no justification for supporting lack of due process that all but guarantees injustices against the not guilty.

    • Sadly , in a situation where the innocent are automatically treated as guilty by the ‘powers that be’ , it really makes no difference whether in treating the criminally guilty they also forego the use of due process. Why should the criminally guilty be treated better than those innocents whom the regime accuses of unexisting political crimes. ??

      • Bill,

        The problem is that the police team that is executing those malandros has been purged of all ability to empathize with their victims. They have been turned into an abomination capable of carrying out murder at the behest of their bosses. That “weapon” can and will be used just as easily against political dissidents.

        • A few years ago (perhaps 15 yrs ago) I read a book that details a situation similar to what Venezuela has fallen into. The book was titled, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” (http://www.amazon.ca/Hitlers-Willing-Executioners-Ordinary-Holocaust/dp/0679772685) and it detailed the lives of a group of ordinary German police who were formed into a police brigade/regiment that enter captured territories and carried out ethnic cleansing operations. These were just ordinary people with ordinary lives who given extraordinary circumstances were able to commit the most heinous crimes.
          Has Venezuela now long since reached a similar point in its history?

          • I was really trying to avoid “Godwining” the conversation. Your comment is apt and appropriate. But, when one draws comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis, the discussion always gets derailed.

          • There should be a Godwin law for Venezuela that says:

            “As an online discussion on Venezuela grows longer, the probability of a person calling the other a chavista approaches 1”

      • Bill Bass,

        What kind of logic is that?! To my logic, that A (i.e., a system where the guilty get off free) does not justify B (i.e., supporting a system lacking due process where the not guilty get punished), you reply with a new subset (i.e., the innocent treated as guilty by the ‘powers that be’). How do the abuses by the ‘powers that be’ against anyone justify adopting their abusive ways for everyone?

        As to your question, it’s based on a strawman argument: I never suggested that the criminally guilty should be treated better than anyone not guilty. Everyone should get due process.

        I’ll simplify it for you: The fails of a flawed justice system do not justify supporting a lack of due process.

        • Ex : I have not used the term justification in what I wrote , what I said is that for a regime which ignores the principles of due process generally , , for example in the way it persecutes and prosecutes its political opponents, IN PRACTICE there is nothing surprising in their ignoring due process also in their treatment of criminals caught in the infraganti perpetration of crimes . For them Rule Of Law in general isnt important which NOTHING can justify . In the hypothetical case that they were to apply rule of law principals in their treatment of criminals and not to others (e.g. to their persecuted political opponents , that would underscore the unjust manner in which they act. Please Ex dont read all I write as an attack on you, Rest assured I appreciate your comments just as much as do other readers in this blog.

          • Bill Bass, perhaps what you meant and what you said were two different things. Note that in your first reply you stated: “…it really makes no difference whether in treating the criminally guilty they also forego the use of due process.” You did not say: “…it really makes no difference TO THEM…”. The question you added at the end of the reply simply compounded the implication that you were expressing a stance of yours, not one of the government’s.

          • Yes my tormented friend , what i wrote and what you understood where two different things , if the govt disregards the rule of law in both in its persecution of political opponents and in its treatment of certain criminals it is absurd to single out only the later to rebuke’ because’ the disregard of the latter is not ‘justified’ by the observance of the rule of law in respect of the former. There is a flaw in the logic of this last statement given the context of what was being discussed . In practice the govt has no qualm about ignoring the rule of law in all its activities , be it their persecutory activities against their political opponents or their persecutory activities against criminals discovered in an infraganti act.

          • Bill Bass,

            sigh. The context in this comment section to which I made my first comment included some people mentioning having mixed feelings about, or understanding the, killing of malandros in lieu of due process. My comment was to make it clear that no amount of guilty people getting away justified supporting the implementation of a system that did not include a just process to protect the not guilty.

            As to what you wrote, I have no problem with your later explanation, but yes, with your original reply. You want to think it was perfectly, clearly written? No skin off my nose. I would be trying to learn how to prevent that misunderstanding in the future, but I guess that’s me, and not you.

        • Well their lack of interest is not evident from the video …….maybe you understand it differently ……..diffiicult to see how ………but hey everyone is entitled to his own form of naivete or mental confusion ……one thing is clear …I dont want to share yours.!! .

        • Ralph,

          The “chorros” are now competing with “chaburros” for the State’s monopoly on the use of force. Never mind that they only just recently figured this out. Never mind that it was their own bone headed policies that allowed it to happen. They have now realized the danger these gangs represent to their own authority and, in their own clumsy and brutish manner, they are confronting the threat. But, trust me, it has nothing to do with protecting you and I.

          • Actually, no, and you both are aiming far away from the target.

            You see, the choros are chaburrismo’s enforcers, they are the “non-legal” army that does the dirty work, like killing dissenters on protests, or just killing dissenters while having the rest of the people frightened enough that they won’t even think on how many billions the chaburros have stolen and how that affects them.

            This is not something with “3 sides, people, regime and criminals” as you want it to appear, criminals are a tool used by chaburro dictatorship, as I’ve stated it in a previous post.

            Things are just going on its natural course, the criminals are put into a pedestal by the dictatorsip, made powerful and untouchable so they can work their function as agents of social control against the people, but, having the blunt of the criminals as ignorant, marginal imbeciles who only know how to solve life through a bullet fired on the nearest head, these idiots begun to think that they have some actual degree of importance in the world, aside from being just a bunch of disposable tools.

            That’s the message the dictatorsip sends to the enforcers when they think they are more than that, if they disobey, they get “OLPed”, simple as that.

            And I insist on this, chaburrismo is NOT interested in killing choros, because finishing them all would mean the dictatorship would run out of criminals to do its dirty work (Stuff like the two sapos that murdered some people that are news these days)

          • The tendency of young barrio dwellers to uplift their sense of macho self importance thru acts of wantom crime and violence precedes any regime effort to control them , two things happened as the regime started its push towards the attainment of total political and social control , one it gave free rein for corrupt policemen (also their followers ) to start their own rackets, often in close collaboration with small time barrio delinquents , secondly it tried to coopt this barrio tendency to youth crime and violence in their favours by transforming barrio gangs into colectivos loyal to the govt , this involved giving them license to create their own areas of territorial control to carry on their own criminal activities with no police interference . as a result of the above a modus vivendia evolved between largely corrupt cops and the young barrio bands where they both became partners in crime , with the corrupt cops remaining the bosses . The regimes policy however has in time led to an increased empowerement of the barrio gangs and to their feeling that they are so powerful and untouchable that they can freely indulge in their worst criminal behaviour wihtout anyone stopping or punishing them and moreover that they can emancipate themselves from their subordination to the demands of corrupt cops .

            This in turn has had three consequences :
            1. an overflow of criminal activity of the worst kind by young barrio delinquents
            2. a break in the modus vivendi between corrupt cops and their now rebellious partners in crime leading to a war between the two .
            3. the govt realization that the colectivos and barrio gangs criminal activities were getting out of hand threatening their plans for absolute power and control over all parts of the country , and at the same time creating a climate of opinion unfavourable to the regime for being unable to stop the rampant increase in violent crime .

            In response the govt has started to take much publicized action against the barrio criminals (perhaps not all of them but against the most unruly) to convince the population that they are doing their job in fighting crime.

            Thus there are two overlapping wars going on at the present time , one between the govt and the gangs ( or some of them ) to stem the overflow in gang activity and secondly a war between corrupt cops and their now rebellious former partners .

            The regime has not abandoned its plans to recruit at least part of the barrio gangs to do part of their dirty coercive tasks but are not going to allow for barrio gangs that become so chaotically independent that they cannot be controlled, At the same time the corrupt cops are engaged in a bloody war with gang members who now wnat to keep all the spoils in crime to themselves and not give the cops the part of the booty these are accostumed to receiving . This second war is a real war and it has become umoored from its causes and now reflects a great deal of hatred and bad blood between the two contenders.

  15. The problem might be that there is no strongly differentiated line between “them,” the corrupt, murderous, left wing whackos, and “us,” the educated, morally strong, ethically robust who would revolt against this tyranny but ….

    But on a large scale, it may just be that in Venezuela there are not enough in the “us” camp and that the vast majority are somewhere in the middle. Even Poland didn’t put up with this kind of social insanity. The CIA ought to go spring Lopez, fucking anyone who will push for change and not let up till it happens.


  16. Years ago a liutenant fighting guerrillas in the mountains would order some of his men to take a couple of days scouting some remote place . several weeks later their movements might take them close to where he had sent his men and he would find the dead bodies of presumed guerrillas with their hands tied behind their back . The liutenant suspected that his men , angry at having lost some of their fellows in some prior skirmish would kill any guerrilas found in those scouting expeditions without telling their superior about it . When people are engaged in a war they sometimes lose sight of what makes them members of a civilized society . they return instinctively to some form of barbarity and then its an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I heard this horrific tale form the liutenant many years after Venezuela had returned to peace, Now its happening again !!

    • The problem is, that now they are killing people that might be innocent citizens, or even worse, aiming specifically at non-chavista people, like they did on 2014 during the protests.

      • That may be so, but if there is an armed war , a war of violence , it is not one where people averse to the regime use guns or armed force to battle the regime , it is a war between the armed thugs of the regime and the armed thugs that form part of a burgoining and greatly empowered criminal class . For a long time they were if not allies passive collaborators . now they are at each others throats . Both group of thugs prey on the innocent citizen with the sole difference that some use uniforms and the other ordinary clothes, they both apply the death penalty on people whom they victimize for both venal reasons and for reasons of social or sectarian hatred . The war the opponents of the regime wage to defend and restore their liberties and some semblance of rationality in the governance of public life is not an armed war , its weapons are the word , the peaceful movilization of public opinion and of international opinion , not any fire arm. .!! The other war is not in defense of civilized values but between two forms of barbarism .!!

        • It’s more a tiny struggle between some rogue enforcers and their druglord masters.

          The criminals were turned into the informal chaburro army against the people by the mortadela following some advice castro gave him when he seized power in 1999, not being an official appendix of the government, no one could be accussed or blamed for the twenty-something thousand murders happening these years.

          When the mortadela was alive, every other criminal wanted to kiss his boot to gain his favor, now that castro had him killed in 2012, the different mafias are trying to get control over the others, and stuff like this might be just one case.

          On the other hand, maburro (and narcodado) must have been thinking that increasing the amount of dissident murders would somehow be beneficial for his regime, so we are now seeing more killings than before.

  17. Should we be surprised for this?

    I mean, consider alsaimer’s background, maybe you don’t remember it, but I watched the first, or maybe onr of the first interviews he gave, where a video was shown of a guy who was cornered by three guards in a protest and had his ass kicked, one guart took his helmet off and started banging the guy’s face with it till he broke his face, and this taliban went and say that kid had broke his own mouth trying to toss a fence above a patrol car, it was such an insulting lie that I still remember it, and that was from when he was vice minister for internal affairs or something like that, I believe jessy blackout was minister that time.

    Let’s consider too that tarek is one of the heaviest druglords in Venezuela, remember Air France’s plane with a ton and a half of drugs? That plane BELONGS to alsaimer, confirmed by a person that works in said customs and I personally know, si, this guy could be easily our own “chapo escobar”, he should be moving even more drugs than the drug-suns.

    Besides, there are the links this guy has with anti-western terrorists, such as the drug dealers of hezbolah, showing again that Venezuela is a dictatorship driven by a bunch of stupid morons, that maburro, drugptain insist on having a shmuck that won’t hesitate to slaughter half of Venezuela on a stupid whim, like that tantrum he did screeching he would go and kill Capriles (And every Mirandian if he wanted) if something happened and he didn’t like it.




    Do not forget his statement about “The poorer and more starved the people, more loyal they’ll be to our robolution.”


    Taking this background in account, this was just another “tarekada”, kill people at plain sight in the middle of day.


    ¿Debería de sorprendernos esto?

    Digo, tomen en cuenta los antecedentes de alsaimer, tal vez ustedes no lo recuerdan, pero yo ví la primera entrevista, o una de las primeras, que le hicieron a ese tipo, donde se mostraba aquel video de un carajo al que tres guardias arrinconaban en una protesta y le entraban a patadas, uno se sacaba el casco y le reventó la cara a cascazos, y el talibán este salió a decir que era que el carajito se había roto él mismo la boca al intentar tirar una reja por encima de una patrulla, es una mentira tan insultante que todavía la recuerdo, y eso es de cuando esa basura era viceministro de interior o una vaina así, creo que jessy apagón estaba en el cargo del ministerio.

    Hay que considerar también que el tarek es un narco de los más pesados de Venezuela, ¿Se acuerdan de la avioneta aquella de Air France con los 1500 kilos de drogas? Esa avioneta ES de alsaimer, confirmado por una persona que trabaja en esa aduana y a la que conozco personalmente, así que, este carajo es fácilmente nuestro “chapo escobar”, debe mover más droga que los fulanos narcosoles incluso.

    Además, están los enlaces que tiene el tipo con los terroristas antioccidente, como los narcos de hezbolá, demostrando que Venezuela es una dictadura manejada por un puñado de lambucios estúpidos, que maburro, capotán y compañía se empeñan en seguir teniendo a un carajo que no dudaría en masacrar a media Venezuela sólo por un caprichito estúpido, como aquel berrinche infame donde dijo que iba a buscar y matar a Capriles (Y a todos los mirandinos si se le antojaba) si pasaba alguna vaina que a él no le gustase.




    No olvidemos también su alegre afirmación de que “mientras más pobre es la gente y más se muere de hambre, más fiel es a la robolución”


    Tomando en cuenta estos antecedentes, esto es simplemente otra “tareckada”, matar gente a plena luz del día.

  18. Blaming capitalism for this is not surprising to me. They’re always looking for an excuse. By the way, one the funerals held for one of these killed guys was a total nightmare. The guy lived in the same hood I live (In Maracay). Motorizados shooting their guns like crazy. Horrible music playing loud. Gosh, It was scary. As far as I know, these guys were stealing a factory in San Vicente. Police caught them, but instead of detaining them, they shot to kill. I can’t support such practices, but in that case I still have doubts. I would say “yes, good work they killed worthless people” or “No, they should’ve taken them to jail”.

  19. Vzla is sooooooo screwed. Some still dream the next Chavista-light “democratic” MUDcrap can fix this.

    Deadliest country on Earth, even worse than Honduras or any active War Zone, if we had the real numbers. With the complicity of the entire corrupt Military, the Putrid “police” or Guardia Nazional. The whole country dominated by criminal gangs and massive Drug trading organizations. Complicit “officials” at all levels everywhere, and the new generations of murderous, lawless, uneducated “rebolucionarios” , all growing up in that culture of violence, crime and total impunity. Without any Judicial system and all “judges” completely corrupt too. Heck, these street thugs seem like little angels sometimes, when you see filth like CapoCabello, Tareck, Rodriguez, Luisa Ortega or Iris Varela open their mouths.

    But no worries, bravo pueblo, the next conciliatory MUD, with thugs like Ramos Allup, will “forgive” everyone, declare national Amnesty, reincorporate the 5 Million Chavista enchufados, and take control of that Hell-Hole in no time. With the same putrid Military, guard, sebin crap, the same horrific “judges” , and the galloping criminal gangs on every barrio or caserio.

    Meanwhile they will tackle the Economy and this social disaster in Murderzuela with all the necessary tough measures. Raise Gas and transportation prices, no exchange controls, and suddenly all of the destroyed, nonexistent Industries will Thrive and produce everything better than ever before, diapers, coffee, rice, meat, corn and everything. Oil will go back to 100$/per barrel, all foreign debt will be forgiven, and people will suddenly be so happy that they will not steal, trade drugs, kidnap or kill anymore.

    The people of Singapore would like to express their most sincere condolences. We remain at you service whenever you are ready for extremely tough measures, if ever. Or get used to at least 15,000 dead per year, for several MUDcrap decades to come.

  20. Witttgenstein had a metaphor to describe how as a philosopher he sometimes used certain ideas a a ladder to get to other ideas which he considered higher in the cognitive scale and then discarded the first ladder of ideas to use the new ideas as a new ladder to climb even higher .

    One might see MUD style organizations as being one such ladder , they represent not perfection but a flawed means whereby some better form of political order might be reached so as to allow a new ladder to be created to reach even higher in the effort to accomplish certain desired political objectives later . It happened in the far east first people worked to buy a bycicle , then they worked to buy a scooter , then to buy a modest car, then a luxury car !! its the way most progress is achieved in human history.

    To knock down the bycycle because its not a luxury car is not really very intelligent because it fails to see how progress involves building and acquiring ever better forms of transportation step by step .

    The process of reinstitutionalizing of govt activities will be long , involve many dissapointments , frustrations, failures , demand a certain measure of tolerance for human frailties , and require the slow daunting building up one by one of conditions which make some ultimate form of success possible.

    Of course to pretend that there are magic bullets …involving some kind of epically draconian deed for setting things absolutely aright in one stroke by doing away with all the ‘meanies’ is rather childish. Primitives minds however have little understanding of how social and historical realities operate .!!

    Today we are shocked by the revelation that police forces sometimes act lawlessly when engaged in violent struggle with criminal groups . In actual fact this is very old news , what is new is the possibility we now have of visually being witness to the cold bloody murder of a man . !!

    This is a government of gangsters, that they should do these things should come as no surprise , a year ago we also saw they way they cruelly and unlawfully killed or injured protesting opponents , now we see that such treatment is also metter to criminals caught in the act !!

  21. We’re all armchair critics going back and forth between ‘kill the bad guys by any means’ and ‘even bad guys deserve due process’. I understand this post was meant to stir the pot but it is disheartening to see the lack of substantive debate.

    Perhaps there is a public policy expert with an answer to this question: How do you end or significantly curb rampant crime in a country without a judiciary?

  22. Crime fighting requires more than a working judiciary , it requires effective crime preventive measures and social policies , the capacity of law enforcement to catch the criminals, the capacity of the system to keep them in prison until they are judged and finally the capacity of the judiciary to punish them so that there is a minimum of recidivism. killing them outright is a sign of desperation and barbarism .

    • I concede my question was a bit short sighted. How do you end or significantly curb rampant crime in a country that has limited institutional power?

      • Pedro , you are the best fellow bloger there is , someone that has honest intellectual curiosity and makes one think,

        Ive written some things in other previous blogs on the subject , which I wont repeat but there is one thing that now comes to mind and that is that the first two things to do is to look closely at all aspects of the crime problems , create a good technical team to collect and study data , what kind of crimes are being committed, where , by whom ?? start searching for pattens , see where one can create shocking points for the prevention and repression of crimes . Havea good grasp of the details so you can create a plan , a strategy on what to attack first so as to get the maximum bang for the buck , make crime research a continous activity , study whats been done that works , inside the country and elsewhere, then start creating specialized small but well selected teams , to work on particular problems , segreagted from the rot that has invaded the ordinary crime fighting body , pay them well , give them housing where they can live with their families together , give them the best training possible , create a sprit d corp among them , make them feel spcial , monitor their performance constantly , have them look at their falures hard and learn from them , give them goals which are as specific and measurable as possible . The separately create a seprate specialized group of judicial bodies to deal with the crime problem , endow them with speicial powers , above all keep these new organizatons totally isolated from any partisan politics , acting under a technocratic standard, with no favourites of any kind. Dont expect from them perfect results , thats silly , just a show of gradual but steady improvements. I could go on and on but the above might serve for starters.

      • Pedro,

        I understand that that you are asking a leading question. Obviously, if you have police, but no judiciary, and your goal to curb rampant crime at any cost, then the only way is build a judiciary (slow and expensive), or give the police judicial powers. During the westward expansion of the U.S., in the 1800’s the U.S. Marshals and even local sheriffs were often granted very broad powers on the principle that “desperate situations demand desperate measures.”

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