A powerful video from Leopoldo’s cell


Nothing Leopoldo López says in this clandestine video is new. But hearing the conviction in his voice, clinging to the bars on his window, is more powerful than anything he says. (Note: the video appears to be old, but it has only recently been released)

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  1. Couple of interesting questions here:

    – Who was allowed to take this video for CNN, how was it leaked in Ramo Verde: there must be some opposition infiltration there..

    – Why did they wait until now to publish it on U-Tube? They say it was taken back in October 2014..

    – Why the constant mention of the DIM here, “Saludos a Castellanos!!” “Saludos a todos los sargentos, tenientes.. de la DIM..”

    This could be Huge.

    “The Dirección de Inteligencia Militar (DIM) was the military intelligence agency of Venezuela.
    Hugo Carvajal was its head in the early 2000s. The DIM has been replaced with a new agency in 2012, the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (Spanish: Dirección General de Contrainteligencia Militar). With police power in the National Armed Forces.”


  2. Depressing!

    I cannot imagine spending 18 months and counting in a 2 by 2 for any crime. Knowing that the guy is innocent makes it exponentially worse.

    God Bless you LL, I hope that your time is not wasted and that history pays you and your family back


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