Sh!tstorm Chronicles

Before signing off from his weekly TV show, the disaster was brought to the President’s attention, and he went on to criticize the ultraderecha twitter commentators who blamed his administration for the flood. “Imbeciles” he called them. “How can they blame me for the rain that falls from the sky?”

Well, in the land of Chávez, if it stinks, it’s because the corpse is rotten.
Immediatly after Maduro’s comments, a May 2015 article surfaced around the web that called bullshit on his guilt trip. The Panampost piece warned of the risks of flooding that the works being performed along the El Valle-Coche Highway, right next to the El Valle river, would cause. It includes the testimony of an anonymous source close to Haiman el Troudi, Minister of Terrestrial Transportation and Public Works, saying that the standard land studies were not properly performed and that the Minister was in a rush to complete as many projects as possible with a complete disregard for quality.

So yes, Nicolás, it’s your fault.

Also, another gem floated to the surface along with the resident turds of El Guaire and El Valle rivers: