As Nicolas Maduro gears up to address the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva tomorrow, Human Rights Watch Director, José Miguel Vivanco, points out the glaring irony by summing up Venezuela’s embarrassing track record:

The human rights situation in Venezuela has deteriorated dramatically in recent years.Opposition politicians have been arbitrarily arrested, then prosecuted and convicted on politically motivated charges, and barred from running for office in the legislative elections scheduled for December. The government has targeted dozens of lesser-known critics, including independent media outlets and journalists, and harassed human rights defenders. Security forces have arbitrarily arrested, beaten, and tortured largely peaceful protesters without being called to account.

It’s not so much that the emperor has no clothes, it’s that His Majesty is in the middle of a full-on nudist orgy of human rights violations, and using the UN as lube.

Human Rights Watch is, um, more circumspect in its statement. Vivanco merely calls on Maduro’s address to be cancelled, saying “Venezuela should not be allowed to use the council as a vehicle for self-promotion.” And if the current rumor frenzy about a possible drug bust involving high-level chavistas is true, Vivanco just might get his wish.

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