A group of twelve Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) has cancelled a planned trip to witness 6D over ‘safety concerns’. The opposition’s MUD coalition had invited the group to take part in an unofficial 6D mission, despite lacking any kind of official CNE invitation. At the last minute, the people that were tapped to check that Venezuelans were voting in a safe and fair environment cancelled because they don’t feel safe enough to even come.

Let’s say that we were about to be on a date with the EU mission, and the guys just ghosted us.

Right then, a smaller group from the European Popular Party (EPP) realized they were making a big mistake and decided to come to Venezuela regardless. So our date cancelled, but a better looking guy with a shinier car decided to come, bring flowers and pay for dinner.

The decision to cancel the MEPs’ visit was made after the diplomatic body of the EU advised to take ‘extreme’ security measures in the country ahead of the elections. Bear in mind, the European Parliament has sent missions to observe elections in Afghanistan, Honduras, Burundi and more recently in Myanmar, where people voted to put an end to the military dictatorship that ruled the country for 50 years. But Venezuela? Heavens, that would be dangerous!

Let’s thank our lucky stars for Esteban González Pons, the head of the EPP mission who decided to come anyway. “These elections are crucial for Venezuela and for us to show the world that people can vote freely,” González Pons, of Spain’s PP, said. Other MEPs in the mission include Gabriel Mato, Agustín Díaz de Mera y Teresa Jiménez-Becerril.

Can’t stop thinking that this happened the same day that the EU signed an agreement with la hermana republica to allow Colombians to travel visa-free in Europe. ¿Quien lo hubiera pensado?


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  1. I agree, but the socialists couldn’t stand to be invited by the MUD while Zapatero/PSOE was supporting Nicolas. There is nothing they could do, so I guess that’s why they changed their minds – “calladitos se ven mas bonitos.”

  2. I agree it’s a shame they didn’t go… But, in my opinion, your parallels don’t hold up. Going into authoritiarian states with diplomatic status is usually no problem. But that won’t help you against street crime. They don’t recognise ‘diplomatic status’… I think it’s crime they’re afraid of.

    • Exactly. Maduro and company would not be stupid enough to direct state violence against observers. The plentiful street gangs and criminals who roam around with impunity, on the other hand, could care less.

      • But who could tell whether the violence was state violence? Especially if colectivo thugs did it? The high levels of “ordinary” crime provide excellent cover.

  3. Its not just their lack of backbone but the fact that our society is not only violent but chaotically violent, where th government itself engages in violence through proxy criminals when it suits their interests , and where the govt is hostile to the european mission coming to visit the country and might stage a nixon type spectacle of a rabble attacking the visiting group . !!


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