So, This Happened: Marea Socialista hearts Referendum Revocatorio

Two weeks ago, what would you have thought were the odds that the first party to start talking openly about a referendum to recall Nicolás Maduro would be MS?

Leaders for Marea Socialista, the radical leftist splinter group where most of chavismo’s intellectuals seem to be seeking refuge following the virtual militarization of PSUV, are now contemplating the uncomtemplatable.

Llévatelo, Alexandra Ulmer:

“They’re destroying the revolution,” said Gonzalo Gomez, a Socialist Tide leader, in an interview, calling the opposition’s victory a “jolt” that requires policy change.

The opposition won a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly, as exhausted Venezuelans voted for relief from food shortages and salary-destroying inflation.

That has emboldened hardline opposition leaders who want to oust Maduro in a recall referendum next year.

Some on the disenchanted left are also pondering the same move if Maduro does not open debate within “Chavista” ranks and fails to reform.

“This is a possibility,” said Gomez of the referendum.

“But we’re not going to put forward a recall referendum just because it might be right and necessary, only if there are possibilities of generating change via the revolution. We’re not going to help the right grab control.”

I lost track…which of the Four Horsemen is this again?