Who Should be On The Bs.1,000 Bank Note?

Here's your chance to nominate people for the front of the bolivar bill, and places or things for the back.


Everyone knows Venezuela’s overdue higher-denominated bank notes, and we’ll finally have a National Assembly able to do something about it very soon. So we thought it’d be fun to find out: who and what should be on those many-zero’d bolivar bills?

This is your opportunity to tell us who’s face you think ought to be the face of the next 200, 500, 1,000, hell, even 2,000 Bolivar bill; as well as what event, moment, place or whatever else you can think of, you think would make a great counterpart to the lovely mug you’ve nominated.

Let’s stir the pot: go big or go home!

To send in your nominations, click here.

We’ll pick out our favorites and put them to a second vote next year.

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  1. One thing I loved from the last German note banks: half of the bank notes had women, half of all the bank notes had SCIENTISTS and the rest were artists.
    There was not one single military.
    There is no country on Earth where a third of the municipalities or equivalent administration areas are called after military gorillas…only Venezuela…and that based on a pseudo-history pretending a certain caudillo liberated eve Bolivia (he didn’t)

  2. Without a doubt “Lilian Tintori” on the front and with a doubt Chavez moseleum on the back. This to depict youth and hope and failure with corruption. This is the way of all wealth as represented in paper bills.

  3. It would have to encourage people to belief in miracles and magic (Coronil’s magic state??) , project animal strenght, be liked by the large part of the population who feel proud of their aboriginal ascentry , and appeal to feminist women ……(avoiding patriotic generals of yore) …only one candidate …MARIA LIONZA , sitting with her arched muscled high breasted torso atop a tapee ……..!!

    • Alas, I was expecting someone to call me out for the whole 5 Bolivar note thing, then I realized at half a penny, it might have been a long time since anyone saw one…

  4. Oh so many ideas and just one Bill. .. Maybe Diosa Canales, Rosita, El Picure; heck! Why not Nicolas? After all soon we’ll need a 100.000`s bill, and no one will remember this one. Feliz año camaradas y camarados!

  5. We are in the XXI century. Bills should be personalized with the firts owner photo in it. There could be bils with blank spaces so that litle children can put color in then. Anyway unless things change a lot those bills will last only a few months. Bills with low denomination should have a certain absorvent capability.


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