Henry Ramos Allup, the controversial 73 year-old AD Secretary General, has just been selected by MUD deputies to preside the National Assembly in 2016, by 62 votes, vs. 49 for Julio Borges.

[Watch this video from 1:16:30]

Hot Take

Personally, I don’t share the blind fury many younger opposition activists are greeting this with. I’m going to give Henry the benefit of the doubt. Provisionally.

As far as I can see, the rap on Ramos Allup is that he’s old (straight-up ageism), that he’s corrupt (but nobody ever shows any evidence) and that he’s machiavellian (a feature, not a bug.)

I grant that it’s obnoxious that he seems to have turn the Secretary General post at AD into a lifetime sinecure. But the alternative to strong leadership for AD was to go down the path Copei followed: fracturing, disintegrating and ending up taken over by the government like any old MIN.

I think Henry’s talent as a politician is demonstrated by the facts. He took the reins of a party on the path to extinction and he safeguarded its existence at the national level. It’s no coincidence that AD is now the second largest party in the MUD coalition by number of A.N. seats.

If he turns out to be a crook, I’m going to have a great time throwing punches at him.

But today? Not tonight.

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  1. This is a lesson on sectarianism to PJ. It should serve as a warning for its leaders as they try to understand what went wrong

    • But for now, it’s time for all elected to prove to Venezuela that they are all willing to put aside their differences and work as a unit on the goals set forth in July 2015

    • Nothing went wrong for PJ, its deputies (and a good chuck from other parties) voted for Julio. The AD-VP-UNT alliance was a fair enough instinctive move of political survival. Again, PJ points to long term goals.

      • Capriles should start reading books, just books as he should at age 7. Borges should start going to a toast master association in Caracas if there is one (Capriles would have to do that once he has reached the level).

        What a disgrace Allup was elected but, as we so often say, “esto es lo que hay”.

  2. VTV talks about the “secret election”….that was covered by Globovision and had one of THEIR reporters.

    What a disgusting bunch of liars.

  3. Bravo! This “secret” election marks the begin of the end. Just for the record, I asked in the comment section of a post about a month ago to readers who would they think it would be the next president of an opposition AN and most of the answers were HRA. I think most of opposition congressmen lectured well what the country is calling for and that is change of government. If it is for Julio Borges he would have waited until 2017 to call for a referendum or any other ways to take down Nicolas, because clearly PJ doesn´t want to shake the coroto and have to govern with a low oil price and against a very well armed band of gorillas, that is the milicias and colectivos…. Ramos is more edgy and make things go down faster…. The problem is that this is the highest office that Henry will ever have, and he first have to fill even more his pockets to then create the conditions to take down on PSUV under his leadership. You can see his vanity, he will want to pass to history as the person that have AD survive Venezuela´s toughest time and the guy who was in command when the first steps to call for elections and take down chavismo. This guy will do the dirty job that Julio wasnt prepared and didnt wanted to do. My bet under this scenario? We will have stability until March, really get shaky in 2Q and have chaos and maybe change of government by the start of 4Q (Octobrino). Any bets on this????. I will frame this reply to your post Toro…. Venezuela como te quiero!!!

  4. On the other hand, if instead of 112, there would have been 92 diputados, I bet the result would have been different and Julio would have been the president. Why? I bet AD won the seats in the furthest states, most of the close calls… If we would have won in less circuits, those would have tend to be from the rural areas where AD is strong. My question also is what would have happened if that election would have been held publically.

  5.  “Sure he’s a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.” The phrase of uncertain origin is attributed either to FDR, Allan Dulles … In reference to Franco, Somoza, Trujillo. Take your pico. But today seems tailored for HRA

  6. *gulp*

    Well, let’s see what the man does.

    I agree with the poster above, PJ is in it for the long run (certainly if they’re smart), and I voted for JB on our own cc poll. But HRA is the bad cop, and we need a bad cop now. People’s deepest instincts, on all political spectrums, will trust him to do what’s needed, and he has the wonderful quality of allowing us to hate him as he does it.

    Dale duro Ramos Allup, la cancha es tuya. And everybody else… Get to work! You have a dragon covering your back now.

    Coño, de verdad, que nos agarre confesados.


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