Buh-Bye Luis, it’s been real


Just over a month after he was appointed Vice-President in charge of the Economy, Luis Salas has been fired, (for “family reasons”) in favor of Miguel Pérez Abad.

The removal of the famously crazy Salas and his replacement by a still hardline but somewhat more earth-bound figure can only be good news.

One day, when this story is told in full, we’ll find out who leaked Salas’s pro-default views to the press, whether that person’s name rhymes with “Bérezadab”, and how that episode figured into Salas’s downfall exactly. That day, sadly, is not today.

Seguiremos informando…

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  1. We bid you farewell, Salas. May you be appointed and recycled to another ministry where you can screw the country in a less disastrous way.

  2. We bid you farewell, Luis. May you be appointed (recycled) to another ministry where you can screw the country in a less disastrous way.

  3. Godspeed you beautiful bastard, may your travels bring as much freightful joy to everyone as you brought us.

    The world is wide and tall and Venezuela was but a mere sweaty transferencia de la línea 1 a la línea 3 in your path to foreverness.

    Wherever you might roam always stay epic bro…

  4. Oh they’ll make him Minister of Health or something else to which he is completely unsuited and on which thousands of lives depend, no doubt. This is the way the deck chairs are arranged….

  5. Take a lunatic out, replace with a loyal lackey.

    Typical chaburro behavior, if the idiot appointed as “urban agriculture” minister even dares to claim again that “every window is a comfy space to make your conuco”, she’s gonna get her ass flattened with a kick too, to be replaced by a less idiotic and trollish, yet more kleptomaniac minion.

  6. If Pdvsa is serious about a renegotiation having some one with Luis Salas reputation as head of the economy is going to make the negotiation much more difficult because the creditors will find suspect whatever is proposed to them , fearing that in the end the head of the economy will oppose or sabotage whatever is finally agreed to , so the replacement of Salas is a very practical hard headed move.

    On the other hand the renegotiation itsef signals that we are already in a pre-default situation , i.e incapable of paying the debts which payments fall due at the end of the year , the difference is that rather than DECLARE the default what the regime is planning to do ( at the initiative of Eulogio and others inside the Gabinet) is before default happens to negotiate a deferral of payments under terms that will give it a breathing space for oil prices to rise again (somewhat) and improve the countrys current desperate economic situation. Almost certainly it will imply the regime accepting to implement a plan that makes the deferred payment of the due debts believable , and for that you need to have as head of the economy someone who can be seen as capable of pulling the plan thru in the coming year…!! The thing is of course that Maduro as head of govt makes those plans appear less credible….

  7. A bit further in the article linked to El Universal we get to hear, again, of “motors of the economy”.

    This time they are 14.

    Before it’s been 9, 12, 13, 10 and 8 motors.

    Pretty soon we’ll have more motors than NASCAR.

    I wonder whether Pastor Maldonado gets to drive one?

    It would be in line with their thinking, given how much “Crashtor” likes to hit the wall and/or other drivers.

  8. “Fired for personal reasons” – How in the hell do you that? You usually step down, or take a leave of absence due to family reasons. Please enlighten me.

    • It’s politico talk for “We had a fall out and we’re no longer working together”.

      Something happened behind closed doors. We’ll know it many years from now. Luis, if you’re reading this and there’s a shred of sense in that skull of yours: This is the best thing that could have happened to you. Run and never look back, son.

  9. I m feeling foryou guys. What kind of paradox is that? One loser replaces the other, for the most critical seat of the state. How many more times can this happen?

  10. I wouldnt go as far as saying this is “good news” that Perez-Abad is now in charge of the economy. He’s an errand boy and as all errand boys he does what he’s told. “Fetch me some ketchup!” “Bring over some peanuts!” “Implement these irrational ideas and say theyll be helpful to all of us regardless of the fact they are not”. We might as well throw a stick and watch him bring it back.

  11. The coup by generals is followed by the coup by lieutenant colonels, which in turn is usually followed by the coup by sergeants. entropy applied.

    un loco saca otro loco, el show continua, la distraccion se afianza.

  12. All the time he was minister he semed burdened by a great sadness, he appeared clueless in what he said and thought and never gave any indication that he was in control of things . He was the worlds joke and he probably knew it . Not once during his tenure did his features hint at a smile !! Dont blame him !! having to deal with such impossibly difficult situation was nothing to be happy about ……., now its the turn of the new guys to see what they can do to save the sinking ship before it totally founders………If they are smart they hire the best financial and legal advise they can (probably they have already done so) and go for a negotiated ‘default’ which is palatable to the creditors and tolerable for the regimes ring of power ( whoever they are at any point in time) . There is a sense of impending doom which darkens the horizon and which Mr Maduros frenzied shouting and insults do little to lighten!!


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