Live-commenting Maduro’s address


Nicolás Maduro is speaking live on national TV. Rumours are that he will announce important economic measures. So far it’s been the usual dose of crazy, but the afternoon is young.

None of us can live-blog it in its entirety, so let’s use the comments forum to keep tabs on what happens.

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    • heard that too…he’s in deep doodoo over the nephews who gave the DEA informant a tour in Venezuela. The informant was able to gleam who is who in the cartel.

  1. You guys remember Ren & Stimpy, when they met the old guy who sat them on his knees and talked for so long that by the end, Stimpy was ready to gouge his own eyes out?

    Mother of god!

    • “You guys remember Ren & Stimpy, when they met the old guy who sat them on his knees and talked for so long that by the end, Stimpy was ready to gouge his own eyes out?”

      Wilbur Cobb!

      LMAO! It’s got to be illegal laughing this much! xDDDD

      “Hemorrhoids! They suffered of HEMORRHOIDS!”

    • PDVSA is producing 2,2 million barrels a day. At $ 35 price for late November is roughly 77 million per day. I guess he made a mayor mistake. How much of that is actual profit? That is anybody’s guess

  2. This is hell. There’s literally NO MONEY and public enemy #1 is a website? Gimme a break? What happened with CADIVI, PDVAL, Corpoelec, Pequiven, CAVIM and so may other entities that ransacked the country?

  3. Maduro is quoting Simón Bolívar’s last words in his address. Sounds a bit suggestive, if u know what I’m saying 😉

  4. Other things I’m realizing: He’s not announcing measures today. He’s playing the old game of “El gallo pelón” with the alleged announcements. And his his proposals make very little sense, basically assuming that Venezuela can diversify away from oil exports just by wishing reeeallyyy hard to do so… Cute.

  5. I feel so sorry for this guy. He knows he is irrelevant and has no authority and is a placeholder while Chavismo buys time. Truly pathetic.

  6. First Measure:

    1) Restructure Mision Alimentacion into a single mega “productive” structure.

    Abastos Bicentenario bye-bye. Welcome Centros de Distribución de la Producción Comunal.

    He changes corrupt cronies by others without getting to the source of the problem…the FX

  7. Maduro talking about Abastos Bicentenario as “they”, “them”. Didn’t the government expropiated private supermarket chains to CREATE abastos bicentenarios? Wake me up.

  8. Just turned the speech on and first phrase I hear is “no es que no le vamos a para bolas”

    Now “ram pin pun pam … rakata y listo!”

    Great speaker I must say….

    • So, everyone will by 91 Octane. Modern cars work perfectly well with it. But, the difference in the cost of production between 91 and 95 is only about 4 or 5%. Why six times the difference??!!

      And the increase for 91 Octane is only about 12 times the current price. So, it will cost about Bs. 35-50 to fill our tanks. So what? My café marrón grande every morning is five times that! This price still doesn’t come close to the cost of production.

  9. 6 bolivares/liter is still only 2.5 cents/gallon at the black market rate. It would need to be more like 600 to be around the cost of production.

    • With what, for god sake, unless they have an hypnotic ray or something there is not foreign capital willing to touch you with a 7” pole!

  10. Here goes:

    Two rates.

    Protected rate: 10 Bolivares to Dollar

    For food, medicine, housing, and importation of dollars:

    Simadi will be turned into a floating exchange rate.

    You get a floating rate, and still a protected rate, which should continue to make arbitrage that much easier and transparent.

  11. Wow, first time i hear a Mduro speech. How embarrasing! The guy come across as an ileterate, I swear not an hyperbole. How embarrasing and painful. He has no respect for peoples time with all that long talk with little substance.

  12. It was painful even to read it in CC, let alone listening to the real thing live. The trial of these guys is going to last days only in the accusation reading phase. Sad.

  13. Who puts the countdown towards the true caracazo?

    Because, for starters, how high will inflation be next week now that gasoline’s gone more than 7000% up and salaries have risen another ridiculous amount?

    Yep, time to escalate the prices…


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