“Will Venezuela Default?” Watch the Full AS/COA Debate



Watch live streaming video from ascoa at livestream.com

Last Thursday at 6:00PM Caracas Time/5:30PM ET, the Americas Society and Council of the Americas hosted a panel to discuss Venezuela’s economic troubles, default scenarios, and what the government’s next move might be. 

It was a pretty intense debate.

In a volatile political context, with recently announced measures that seek to fight the recession in the midst of frightening economic indicators, experts go over the possible scenarios and implications of what’s yet to come.


  • Diego Ferro, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Greylock Capital
  • Jaime Reusche, Vice President and Senior Analyst, Sovereign Risk Group, Moody’s Investors Services
  • Martin Schubert, CEO, European InterAmerican Finance
  • Katia Porzecanski, Emerging Markets, Americas, Bloomberg News (moderator) @katiaporzo

We’ve uploaded the video so that those who couldn’t make it on time or feel like giving it another go can do so without having to waste any time looking for it.


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  1. A Odebrecht comprou Hugo Chávez.

    Foi o que disse a mulher de João Santana, Dona Xepa, em depoimento à Lava Jato.

    Segundo O Globo, ela acusou a empreiteira de usar “caixa dois para pagar parte da campanha do ex-presidente venezuelano Hugo Chávez. Os pagamentos foram feitos através da mesma offshore que os investigadores da Lava Jato dizem que foi usada pela empresa para pagar propina aos ex-diretores da Petrobras. Os pagamentos não foram declarados nem no Brasil nem na Venezuela”.

    A Odebrecht, até o momento, permanece calada.

  2. @dauz_Ucv

    A question for Jaime Reusch: In the event of a voluntary exchange of pdvsa 16/17 bonds, Would Moody’s consider this to be a “distressed exchange”, as of triggering a credit event according to ISDA definitions?

  3. @dauz_ucv

    A question for the panel: Is the Gold Reserve deal announced this week a game-changer against the consensus view that VENZ would default in 2H16?


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