Caracas Chronicles is Hiring: Editorial Assistant

The tarantín is growing, and we need help. We’re looking for an enthusiastic Assistant Editor to help prepare texts for publication.

The tarantín is growing, and we need help. We’re looking for a quick, enthusiastic Editorial Assistant to help prepare texts for publication in Caracas Chronicles. This is a part-time position, with most of the work to be done from home, form early to mid-morning. 15 hours a week, tops.

This position will make you intimately acquainted with every aspect of our editorial process, and is an excellent entry point into the profession.

The ideal candidate:

  • Has an exceptionally strong grasp of written English and an eye for detail.
  • Is the kind of person who can’t help but spot grammatical and spelling mistakes, even when not consiously looking for them. (For instance, you immediately noticed that ‘consciously’ was misspelled in that last sentence.)
  • Gets Caracas Chronicles.
  • Has what it takes to earn our trust.
  • Lives in Caracas.
  • Understands the basics of Venezuelan public life.
  • Is a morning person, ready to get going at 6 a.m.
  • Is either very comfortable with WordPress or a digital native able to learn it quickly. (Or, ideally, both.)

This is an ideal job for a grammar nerd, with or without formal experience, looking to begin a career in journalism or Venezuelan public life.

Send a brief cover letter and a CV to contact at caracaschronicles dot com. Write “Editorial Assistant” in the subject line.