Colorful People

Our Puerto Ordaz correspondent interviews the creators of this charming web series featuring some of Ciudad Guayana's most treasured characters.

“Everything started when we, at Bocachico Agencia Creativa were trying to figure out ways to show our city through quality content, comparable to what is being done in other places around the country and around the world. That’s when we stumbled upon the girls behind Viva Pzo a Puerto Ordáz online city-guide, and we decided to join forces.”

“That’s how “Los de Acá” came to be,” say Luis Machin, Oriana Mata and Guillermo Diaz, the owners of this Ciudad Guayana-based content agency. “The idea was to give viewers a peek into our city, through the lives of the most unique guayaneses we could find.” 

To select those characters, “we polled locals and asked them to select the most iconic people and stories from in and around our town. While the girls of Viva Pzo served as field producers, we took care of recording and editing of the videos.”

“So far, the characters we have shown are persons who’ve had a positive impact on our city while making a living in Ciudad Guayana.” There’s Señor José, a parental figure to the students that frequent his café, Juan Carlos, a man who found a different way to do his job, Héctor, featured here, with his Sancocho móvil, and the extra episode, with Víctor, who has been the San Nicolás of Ciudad Guayana for over 30 years.

“Although the unifying theme of this series is positive and optimistic, we haven’t ruled out the possibility of showing the not-so-pretty side of town. As we’ve noted in Ya no es suficiente, not all things in Ciudad Guayana are nice and shiny.”


Carlos Hernández

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