Over on the Wall Street Journal, Anatoly Kurmanaev and John Otis have this eye-popping story of what a heist looks like in 21st Century Socialism.

Desperate for water, construction worker Pedro Pirela and his neighbors recently laid a nighttime ambush. Alerted by the roar of a water truck that supplies nearby hotels, they blocked the street and forced the driver to stop, then siphoned off his precious cargo.

Mr. Pirela and his co-conspirators had no choice, they said. A nationwide water shortage is crippling Venezuela, leaving faucets dry and contributing to rolling blackouts. Here on Margarita Island, a tourist destination that is also home to 500,000 permanent residents, the government said it could only supply water once every 21 days after a reservoir on the mainland dried up.

#MadMaxing much, are we?

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