Today, Brazil’s House of Representatives will vote on whether or not to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.

In a series of posts, we will give you a guide to the impeachment proceedings from a Venezuelan point of view. We will discuss the role of Petrobras, and that of Rousseff’s personality. We will also give you a live blog of the votes.

Why does Rousseff’s impeachment matter?

It is hard to overstate how largely Brazil looms in South America’s politics. The undisputed giant of the region, the Brazilian governments of Lula Da Silva and Rousseff have played a pivotal role in the pink tide that has engulfed the region since the early 00s.

Brazil’s state corporatism played an enormous role in financing left-wing governments in the region. Whether it was Odebrecht’s involvement in massive Venezuelan public works projects, PDVSA’s involvement in Petrobras’ shady deals, Lula’s negotiations with Evo on natural gas exports, or BNDES’s role in practically every cockamamie financing scheme thought up by these guys and gals, Brazil’s spoon was never far from the stew.

But the money has run out, and so has the PT’s luck.

The end of the PT hegemony matters for regional politics as well. Brazil’s influence on the OAS and UNASUR is so critical, that the heads of both of these seemingly warring organizations have recently expressed support for Rousseff. Her claims that impeachment amounts to a coup will test the resolve of these institutions to defend “democracy,” by which we mean their twisted understanding that any President’s right to rule is more important than their people’s rights to not be ruled by them.

With Rousseff’s possible fall, the fate of the region’s pink tide is practically sealed. With her fall, our own kleptocrats lose a key ally.

Pass the popcorn.

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  1. The topic deserves our interest and Juan is correct in giving it the spot light of the blogs attention , lets not forget that we went thru something similar when CAP II was thrown out of office although , ultimately, the consequences were not great !! Watching the process whereby a golden giant with feet of clay falls into pieces is sure to be a grand spectacle …..maybe it would be useful to have a bit of background information of how this whole process has developed…..and who the main players in this drama are (its not just Dilma and Lula) , any savy volunteers ??

  2. “With Rousseff’s possible fall, the fate of the region’s pink tide is practically sealed. With her fall, our own kleptocrats lose a key ally.”

    Exactly, just beware of extremely biased left-wing journalist (the usual suspects) distorting reality and saying that this is some sort of conspiracy between the ghost of Pinochet, CIA, Ramos Allup (?), Dolar Today (obviously) and Donald Trump (the right-wing Bolivarian). Because it’s simply not true!

    The Youtube channel of the chamber of deputies broadcasts the sessions live, it hasn’t started yet.


  3. Lo que se está viendo es una gallera en esa sesión, en eso también se parece a la asamblea venezolana. Popcorn es poco.

  4. Not unexpected. It just took a little longer. On a more frivolous note, but not entirely foreign to the Latin American Corruption Aspect, I see , after looking at her very early photos, she has apparently taken advantage of some highly-trained Brazilian cosmetic surgeons.


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