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Folha de Sao Paolo's Inspired Web Graphic...
Folha de Sao Paolo’s Inspired Web Graphic…

The Lower House of Brasil’s Congress is Voting:

342 votes are needed to Impeach


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    • ¿Y Tampinha?

      What if Dilma resigned? Wouldn’t that be the politically healthiest way out of the crisis, for everyone?

  1. Okay, I’m following this, so keep your live blogging cred by a shower of amusing anecdotes and local colour….

  2. I kind of dig this system where each deputy gets to say ONE sentence before their vote. It’s sort of like parliamentary twitter.

  3. “Deputy Flavio da Silva goes by “Flavinho.” Is that something Brazilians can choose – to go by a single name? I’ve always wondered about that.” lol, no. Here in Brazil you could be called JuanZINHO, like Juanito. If the people call you this way, then yes, Juanzinho it will be.

  4. One big issue with Latin American politicians -and not only presidents- is their absolute refusal to resign even under obvious circumstances, thus making political crisis much more difficult and traumatic. Come on, let’s learn something from parliamentary systems, shall we? Resigning is underrated.

  5. Lo bueno sería si el cintillo debajo de cada diputado en vez de poner el partido y el estado, pusiera por qué delitos está imputado ese diputado…

  6. Modest proposal: Los votos de los poquitos diputados que no tienen procesos judiciales en contra deberían contar doble.

    • I think you put your finger on what I think is a strong component of farce around what is going on. Say what we will about Dilma, the process against her reeks. Two votes for he who is clean here. Exactly. And who is that? Who meets the standard set for Dilma? And minus two votes for those who are trading their vote for a job ( as reported in the WaPo today). That leaves….

      Theres got to be a better way than this.

  7. As a native English speaker, who speaks Spanish as a second language, I find Portuguese frustrating. It sounds like I ought to understand it… but I don’t.

    • It is normal. In general, even Native Spanish Speakers, until they have more contact, or take classes, we don’t understand either.
      for example if you hear something like yulma –>that is dilma (that il does not sound like an ï”)

  8. No Planalto, aliados de Dilma já reconhecem derrota
    Mapa da votação feito pela equipe da presidente indica que o governo deve terminar com 140 votos favoráveis na Câmara e a oposição, com cerca de 360; acompanhe a sessão

  9. Strange : their pols are as corrupt as ours have been and yet they ve never been afflicted with the oil curse ……, now how could that have happened !! Petrobras never brought Brasil the riches that Venezuelas oil industry gave Venezuela ……!

  10. This is the World Cup Brazil didn’t win in 2014, the celebration here in Rio is incredible, every YES vote is like a goal from my window!

    • “A bit”!??!!?!?!?!?!

      Maduro just went from his biggest diplomatic ally being Brazil to his biggest diplomatic ally being…Ecuador!

  11. Question: The Vice President Michel Temer. How can he be expected to act in regards to Venezuela in the OAS, UNASUR, MERCOSUR, etc…?

    • It’s been said that Temer will form a coalition with PSDB and DEM, which are parties close to MUD. Those senators that were lynched by a mob in Caracas were basically from PMDB, DEM and PSDB, for example.

      I don’t know yet what Temer will do, but my guess is that it will be less “Bolivarian” than now.


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